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2013-04-12 04:53:20 utc jmettraux chiradeep: hello and welcome to #ruote
2013-04-12 04:53:43 utc chiradeep hi jmettraux
2013-04-12 05:52:05 utc jmettraux chiradeep: you're a CloudStack developer?
2013-04-12 05:52:16 utc chiradeep correct
2013-04-12 05:52:37 utc jmettraux sweet
2013-04-12 05:54:05 utc chiradeep have you worked with CloudStack ?
2013-04-12 05:54:51 utc jmettraux sorry, I never tried
2013-04-12 05:56:16 utc chiradeep thats' ok :)
2013-04-12 05:57:38 utc chiradeep was just curious if I could orchestrate CloudStack API calls by defining a workflow in ruote
2013-04-12 05:57:54 utc chiradeep but my ruby skills are rusty so I have a ways to go
2013-04-12 05:58:55 utc jmettraux ouch. I've seen that CloudStack has some Python scripts, I guess the rest is Java?
2013-04-12 05:59:04 utc chiradeep yes
2013-04-12 05:59:12 utc chiradeep no ruby at all
2013-04-12 05:59:26 utc chiradeep except there's a ruby client (a couple of them)
2013-04-12 05:59:30 utc chiradeep and Fog support
2013-04-12 05:59:33 utc jmettraux :-)
2013-04-12 06:37:39 utc chiradeep so as I understand it, you could use threads or you could use OS processes for the workers
2013-04-12 06:43:27 utc jmettraux it's Ruby, like Python, it has a Global Interpreter Lock
2013-04-12 06:45:27 utc jmettraux OS process per worker is better
2013-04-12 06:45:45 utc chiradeep gotcha
2013-04-12 06:46:09 utc chiradeep would this work in Heroku? (OS process per worker)
2013-04-12 06:47:56 utc jmettraux I've heard about people doing it
2013-04-12 06:49:21 utc chiradeep ok, thanks. looks like you can attach ruby 'dynos' to the main dyno (web app)
2013-04-12 06:49:41 utc chiradeep that's a little ways off anyway
2013-04-12 06:49:56 utc chiradeep thanks
2013-04-12 06:52:39 utc jmettraux click on "Run Anything" they have a concept of Procfile
2013-04-12 06:53:08 utc jmettraux web: + worker:
2013-04-12 20:53:02 utc jmettraux northox: hello, I received a notification for your trace email to the ruote mailing list, it seems it was held as spam, but can't see it via the web interface
2013-04-12 20:53:10 utc jmettraux google groups is kind of crippled :-(
2013-04-12 21:04:31 utc jmettraux if you could repost, please
2013-04-12 21:15:50 utc northox ok, I'll take a look, but from what I remember everything I sent was in the web interface.
2013-04-12 21:15:54 utc northox gtg, cya