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2013-04-10 02:55:34 utc northox Ah, here it is.
2013-04-10 03:19:02 utc jmettraux northox: hello, welcome back
2013-04-10 03:32:36 utc northox :)
2013-04-10 03:35:08 utc northox BTW John, thanks for your hard work. Ruote and Rufus are really amazing! It's astonishing to see only 1 guy behind such big things.
2013-04-10 03:42:11 utc northox I've just sent a question on the mailing list but I guess I should've come here. I always forget about it.
2013-04-10 03:58:34 utc jmettraux northox: no worries, I actually prefer when people use the mailing list
2013-04-10 04:00:17 utc northox ok
2013-04-10 04:00:22 utc jmettraux yeah, unfortunately, it's mostly 1 guy behind this ;-) these days I wish I could work 100% on it, I'm behind on some issues
2013-04-10 04:01:43 utc jmettraux thanks for your help, btw, always appreciated
2013-04-10 04:01:53 utc jmettraux both for rufus and ruote
2013-04-10 04:03:14 utc northox Trying my best. I believe I'll be able to do more (learn more about Ruote's internal) once we launch our project (and hopefully get some user traction).
2013-04-10 04:03:45 utc northox Ho, I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty to register ruote on codeclimate.
2013-04-10 04:04:10 utc northox The score is pretty good:
2013-04-10 04:04:40 utc jmettraux just whitelisted you on the mailing list, unfortunately, had not received a notification from google groups (hope they don't close that one)
2013-04-10 04:04:54 utc jmettraux about code climate, thanks!
2013-04-10 04:05:02 utc jmettraux looking forward to dissect the results
2013-04-10 04:05:37 utc northox Yeah, the analysis is valuable.
2013-04-10 04:06:00 utc northox whitelisted? I was listed as spam or something?
2013-04-10 04:06:10 utc jmettraux first time email
2013-04-10 04:07:02 utc northox ah ok.. I used the wrong email address :/
2013-04-10 04:08:57 utc northox It's time to sleep for me (midnight here), cya!
2013-04-10 04:09:06 utc jmettraux good night!
2013-04-10 04:35:18 utc jmettraux for the record, here is the conversation mentioned above:!topic/openwferu-users/_-sanN8B9q8
2013-04-10 04:35:57 utc jmettraux and the potential solution:
2013-04-10 09:01:57 utc lbt interesting - I'm about to look for an interactive 'audit trail' feature myself
2013-04-10 09:09:45 utc jmettraux looking forward to it
2013-04-10 09:21:21 utc lbt I've just moved my development branch to mongodb as a way to allow the worker & dashboards to run on different VMs
2013-04-10 09:21:59 utc lbt also just got ruote-kit into a rails app which will manage the users around the view of the processes
2013-04-10 09:22:28 utc lbt I'm thinking about how different sections of a process could do with human-readable labels too
2013-04-10 09:30:08 utc jmettraux all chinese to me ;-)
2013-04-10 09:38:00 utc lbt :P
2013-04-10 09:50:33 utc b3nni jmettraux thanks! :)
2013-04-10 21:09:25 utc jmettraux just fixed via
2013-04-10 23:53:31 utc kubicek /join
2013-04-11 00:10:10 utc jmettraux kubicek: get some for me ;-)
2013-04-11 00:10:22 utc kubicek :))
2013-04-11 00:11:27 utc jmettraux bitcoins, gotta catch 'em all
2013-04-11 01:29:35 utc northox Should have bought some back in the days..