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2013-03-20 00:37:53 utc jmettraux Dirklectisch: it's been a while since I last offered it, it used to be the custom in this channel thanks to kennethkalmer, but do you want some coffee?
2013-03-20 00:38:40 utc Dirklectisch Yes, I could definitely use some.
2013-03-20 00:39:02 utc Dirklectisch As long as you are not serving decaf. ;-)
2013-03-20 00:39:09 utc jmettraux ACTION hands Dirklectisch a cup of coffee, with some sugar and milk
2013-03-20 00:39:21 utc jmettraux ludovic_: if you're still around, would you like some coffee?
2013-03-20 00:41:30 utc Dirklectisch Haha now you actually made me prepare a cup of coffee here. :-)