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2013-03-16 16:18:49 utc phaeron jmettraux: can there be an accessor to set the file ? the current working directory of the bundle can be read only for the user
2013-03-16 22:18:49 utc jmettraux maartenbos: hello and welcome to #ruote
2013-03-16 22:19:03 utc jmettraux phaeron: hello, ok, let me look at that
2013-03-16 22:20:54 utc phaeron jmettraux: thanks. I can write a patch and send it if you agree to the change
2013-03-16 22:21:14 utc jmettraux phaeron: how about a github pull request?
2013-03-16 22:21:28 utc jmettraux or I can do it in 15 minutes
2013-03-16 22:21:54 utc phaeron jmettraux: it's take me more time , but I'd like to contribute something back to ruote :D
2013-03-16 22:22:22 utc phaeron I have another possible change but still figuring out best way to do it
2013-03-16 22:22:47 utc jmettraux ok, waiting, thanks in advance