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2013-03-10 00:57:07 utc jmettraux dgs: hello, if there are no answer here, feel free to use the mailing list for rufus-scheduler:,d.dGI
2013-03-10 00:57:42 utc dgs hi jmettraux
2013-03-10 00:57:50 utc dgs thanks - I got it sorted in the end
2013-03-10 00:57:55 utc jmettraux for short (freaking google)
2013-03-10 00:58:04 utc jmettraux great, well done!
2013-03-10 00:58:24 utc dgs turned out to be due to an error - my app was throwing an exception, but it wasn't going into production.log
2013-03-10 00:58:39 utc dgs i'm guessing due to the action being initated by rufus
2013-03-10 00:58:50 utc dgs so perhaps was going into apache2/error_log or similar
2013-03-10 00:58:54 utc dgs running now though =)
2013-03-10 00:59:17 utc dgs turns out to be exactly what I was looking for/wanting
2013-03-10 00:59:59 utc dgs though I still need to work out if it spins up a seperate instance of the scheduler for each passenger process running .
2013-03-10 01:02:25 utc jmettraux!searchin/rufus-ruby/passenger or simply google for "rufus-scheduler passenger" lots of litterature out there, stack overflow has stuff too
2013-03-10 01:02:32 utc jmettraux reading the passenger manual helps
2013-03-10 01:02:44 utc jmettraux ok, I have to go, have a nice one