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2013-03-09 23:34:51 utc dgs dumb question I'm sure, but . . . . just installed rufus-scheduler into my rails app (via an initialiser)
2013-03-09 23:35:40 utc dgs do I need to start a separate process running for it? (like with sidekiq ), or does it spin up a separate thread when a rails instance starts?
2013-03-09 23:35:46 utc dgs (i think it's the latter)
2013-03-09 23:36:18 utc dgs but in that case . . . is there a way to check it's running? I have a job just dumping an message into production.log every 5 minutes that doesn't seem to be running
2013-03-09 23:36:25 utc dgs (this is under passenger phusion)
2013-03-09 23:36:50 utc dgs I can see via passenger-stats that there is an instance of the app running (min instances set to 1)
2013-03-09 23:37:11 utc dgs so if it was the latter I think I should be seeing messages turn up in the logsā€¦