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2013-03-05 06:01:27 utc nightmann what is catchall?
2013-03-05 06:03:04 utc nightmann nvm
2013-03-05 06:03:22 utc jmettraux nightmann: hello, it's a trick to catch all the workitems for undefined participant [names] in a storage participant (or whatever participant implementation is passed as arg to "catchall")
2013-03-05 21:02:36 utc nightmann is there an accepted idiom for polling a url?
2013-03-05 21:03:05 utc nightmann cursor and rewind?
2013-03-05 21:19:37 utc jmettraux nightmann: hello, if there is no help here, the mailing list can help:
2013-03-05 21:19:54 utc jmettraux there is no "accepted idiom" for polling urls
2013-03-05 21:20:52 utc jmettraux some people use a cursor, other wrap the polling in a participant along with the work done in collaboration with the URL
2013-03-05 21:38:32 utc nightmann is one generally more efficient than the other?
2013-03-05 21:38:46 utc nightmann or is it highly situational
2013-03-05 21:39:03 utc jmettraux the embedding is more efficient than the cursor / pdef construct
2013-03-05 21:41:11 utc nightmann and the embedding won't cause the worker to block from processing other expressions unless do_not_thread is specifically set
2013-03-05 21:41:34 utc jmettraux factor in the GIL
2013-03-05 21:42:08 utc nightmann right
2013-03-05 21:47:38 utc nightmann it would be great to add to the list of storages
2013-03-05 21:47:52 utc nightmann is there any way I can help with that?
2013-03-05 21:48:46 utc jmettraux I asked them permission to do it and they haven't yet replied
2013-03-05 21:49:58 utc jmettraux well, let's add it right now
2013-03-05 21:50:52 utc nightmann have you checked out ?
2013-03-05 21:51:36 utc jmettraux no sorry, didn't know about it
2013-03-05 21:53:47 utc jmettraux I'll try and add it to rufus-json
2013-03-05 21:59:21 utc jmettraux updated and
2013-03-05 22:01:01 utc nightmann
2013-03-05 22:01:18 utc nightmann is the section for ':to_field and :to_f, :to_var and :to_v, :to' supposed to have formatting?
2013-03-05 22:05:46 utc jmettraux fixed via thanks!
2013-03-05 22:07:33 utc nightmann ah, it's auto generated via docs
2013-03-05 22:07:46 utc nightmann it seems to have messed up the layout, though
2013-03-05 22:08:21 utc jmettraux renders fine for me
2013-03-05 22:10:26 utc jmettraux safari on snoleo and chrome on win7
2013-03-05 22:16:11 utc jmettraux
2013-03-05 22:17:56 utc nightmann awesome, i'll take a stab at it later today
2013-03-05 22:18:39 utc nightmann the layout looks fine now after a refresh
2013-03-05 22:19:24 utc nightmann (chrome on osx)
2013-03-05 22:19:39 utc jmettraux the common sense road would maybe be to ditch rufus-json and go with multi-json, but hey rufus-json was there first
2013-03-05 22:22:44 utc nightmann i wouldn't be opposed to that..
2013-03-05 22:23:18 utc nightmann only because many other libraries already include multi_json.. would be one less library to require
2013-03-05 22:23:29 utc jmettraux +1
2013-03-05 22:23:51 utc nightmann maybe a load check and fallback to rufus-json?
2013-03-05 22:23:56 utc nightmann *check for multijson
2013-03-05 22:25:22 utc jmettraux I'll think about it (been thinking about it for a while)
2013-03-05 22:26:01 utc jmettraux I like to have rufus-json around, I don't have to beg for multi-json support when shit hits the fan
2013-03-05 22:32:01 utc nightmann there's always the option of forking
2013-03-05 22:35:00 utc jmettraux yes, gem 'multi-json', :git => 'myfork' vs gem 'rufus-json', :git => 'master'
2013-03-05 22:56:03 utc jmettraux side news:
2013-03-06 00:43:51 utc nightmann are there any guidelines for deciding whether to use params, fields, or variables?
2013-03-06 00:45:02 utc jmettraux params are participant specific, fields flow with the workitems, variables are similar to local vars in imperative languages
2013-03-06 00:45:36 utc jmettraux