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2013-01-25 00:14:52 utc jmettraux for the record:!topic/openwferu-users/YJXOcA1HOXk
2013-01-25 00:15:10 utc jmettraux (just referencing the email thread from this irc thread)
2013-01-25 00:16:10 utc randomcamel *nod* thanks for the reminder.
2013-01-25 00:16:42 utc jmettraux working on your gist right now
2013-01-25 00:41:42 utc jmettraux ok, issue solved, cheers :-)
2013-01-25 01:00:14 utc jmettraux have a good evening, bye!
2013-01-25 05:46:46 utc randomcamel oh, jeez. stupid error.
2013-01-25 15:29:53 utc GoGoGarrett I'm running into an issue with some code within ruote. I'm not entirely sure how it all work - but when we call RUOTE.launch() it's breaking because it's trying to find a record in the database that it can't find and the entire ruote process breaks and it doesn't create any workitems
2013-01-25 23:15:00 utc jmettraux grr, I hate it when people fire vague issues on IRC without saying hello, and then they're gone