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2013-01-24 19:45:32 utc EJI hey all, mind if I ask a (hopefully simple) question?
2013-01-24 19:59:53 utc EJI can a ruote worker reliably use activerecord on heroku?
2013-01-24 21:56:52 utc jmettraux EJI: hello and welcome to #ruote
2013-01-24 21:58:08 utc jmettraux so your question is in the context of!topic/openwferu-users/eqQvtQimdXI
2013-01-24 21:58:46 utc jmettraux 19:59:53 EJI: can a ruote worker reliably use activerecord on heroku?
2013-01-24 22:00:30 utc jmettraux it can use ActiveRecord, but can't do much about the reliability... I shop at that supermarket, but I cannot influence its reliability...
2013-01-24 22:00:43 utc jmettraux I'll answer the rest in the mailing list and not here
2013-01-24 22:01:00 utc EJI hi there! awesome, thanks so much :)
2013-01-24 22:01:12 utc EJI and yeah they're all related
2013-01-24 22:08:18 utc randomcamel jmettraux: I think I isolated out what I'm trying to do, here: . basically, if I run the script with "launch", it creates the workflow instance, but then if I run it with "run", the worker (or what I assume to be the worker based on the docs and our conversations) fails to pick up the workflow instance.
2013-01-24 22:09:13 utc jmettraux randomcamel: did you try 1.9.x ?
2013-01-24 22:09:40 utc jmettraux randomcamel: good afternoon
2013-01-24 22:12:59 utc randomcamel 1.9.x gives me an "Unable to resolve dependencies" when I try to install ruote. :-( I'll try in a vagrant VM.
2013-01-24 22:14:20 utc jmettraux randomcamel: please fill a detailed issue report for that "unable to resolve dep", it's very important that it get fixed somehow
2013-01-24 22:14:35 utc randomcamel k. no love in the VM either.
2013-01-24 22:14:48 utc EJI I gotta close up shop. Thanks again Mr. Mettraux!
2013-01-24 22:14:55 utc EJI have a good day everyone
2013-01-24 22:15:07 utc jmettraux EJI: ok, good night, I'm answering to your first email right now
2013-01-24 22:15:35 utc jmettraux randomcamel: it's very important to report version numbers and all when reporting an issue
2013-01-24 22:15:45 utc randomcamel will do
2013-01-24 22:15:45 utc jmettraux and workarounds are important to report as well
2013-01-24 22:26:26 utc randomcamel jmettraux: checked it out with a few 1.9.x installs, fresh and not, on OS X and Ubuntu 12.
2013-01-24 22:27:24 utc jmettraux OK, please include the Gemfile or detail how you got ruote into your gems
2013-01-24 22:28:47 utc randomcamel just 'gem install ruote', I'll add a comment.
2013-01-24 22:29:04 utc jmettraux thanks
2013-01-24 22:29:18 utc jmettraux you never work with Bundler?
2013-01-24 22:31:36 utc randomcamel sometimes, but there's a lot about it I don't understand and I don't use it for my experiments.
2013-01-24 22:32:13 utc jmettraux it could help you isolate your experiments from your general ruby environment
2013-01-24 22:33:34 utc jmettraux ok, preparing a blank env to test as well
2013-01-24 22:47:28 utc jmettraux ok, detailed the workaround (Bundler) in
2013-01-24 22:47:42 utc jmettraux closing, I hope rubygems 2.0 will fix that
2013-01-24 22:54:02 utc randomcamel awesome, thanks. has the same behavior under 1.9.3-p374, I'll send to the mailing list so maybe someone else can chime in. =)
2013-01-24 22:54:21 utc jmettraux ok, I'll look at this after the breakfast
2013-01-24 22:55:27 utc jmettraux if there is a ruote issue, I'll create the issue report
2013-01-24 23:06:00 utc randomcamel okie, listmail sent.