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2013-01-21 02:36:31 utc randomcamel is there any reason Dashboard.kill(some_wfid) wouldn't work? it's an FsStorage and it's finding the wfids, but neither #kill, #kill_process, nor #cancel seem to work.
2013-01-21 02:39:47 utc jmettraux randomcamel: hello
2013-01-21 02:40:21 utc randomcamel heya
2013-01-21 02:40:24 utc jmettraux do you have more details?
2013-01-21 02:40:33 utc jmettraux you could maybe package that as an issue report
2013-01-21 02:41:13 utc randomcamel okay.
2013-01-21 02:42:25 utc randomcamel I figured those methods must work in general, so I'm doing something silly, but I'll run a clean case and submit it.
2013-01-21 02:42:58 utc jmettraux yes, they are tested
2013-01-21 03:03:23 utc randomcamel still working on grokking The Ruote Way, but I feel like it's important that I do.
2013-01-21 03:04:27 utc jmettraux same thing for any tool
2013-01-21 03:05:13 utc jmettraux just pushed an issue template thing, might help in the future:
2013-01-21 10:57:40 utc hartog jmettraux: it has been accomplished. You can now take and place it on
2013-01-21 10:57:53 utc hartog jmettraux: blessings be with thee ;)
2013-01-21 11:02:30 utc hartog wait - closing the channel was *not* the idea
2013-01-21 11:18:26 utc jmettraux hartog: many thanks! I'll do that asap
2013-01-21 11:23:54 utc hartog jmettraux: np - done with love
2013-01-21 11:24:39 utc jmettraux +1
2013-01-21 19:53:03 utc randomcamel trying to separate the dashboard and worker calls does not appear to be a first-class use case.
2013-01-21 19:53:50 utc randomcamel ACTION breaks down and reads every page of the docs very carefully =)
2013-01-21 21:26:07 utc jmettraux randomcamel: I don't understand what you mean with your statement
2013-01-21 21:26:32 utc jmettraux code that uses ruote is generally doing it via the dashboard
2013-01-21 21:26:56 utc jmettraux the worker is on its own, it fetches work and performs
2013-01-21 21:27:01 utc jmettraux there are no calls for it
2013-01-21 21:37:48 utc randomcamel so for a node that is notionally only running worker+participants, I'd still run the worker via the dashboard?
2013-01-21 21:37:59 utc jmettraux no
2013-01-21 21:38:08 utc jmettraux worker(storage) is sufficient
2013-01-21 21:38:30 utc jmettraux there are 3 possibilities
2013-01-21 21:39:00 utc jmettraux dashboard(worker(storage)) / worker(storage) / dashboard(storage)
2013-01-21 21:39:19 utc jmettraux worker(storage) is for pure work "nodes"
2013-01-21 21:39:34 utc jmettraux dashboard(storage) is for steering/querying nodes
2013-01-21 21:42:21 utc randomcamel right, but'work') ) doesn't appear to wait for work--it exits.
2013-01-21 21:43:12 utc jmettraux please #join it
2013-01-21 21:43:30 utc jmettraux worker.join
2013-01-21 21:44:45 utc randomcamel still exits. I don't trust my PoC, though, I'm going to code something using your issue template just to make sure.
2013-01-21 21:46:02 utc jmettraux testing on my side
2013-01-21 21:46:21 utc jmettraux exits as well
2013-01-21 21:46:31 utc jmettraux let me look into it
2013-01-21 21:46:48 utc randomcamel thanks
2013-01-21 21:49:05 utc jmettraux you're right, the dashboard calls run on the worker, when the worker is not wrapped, nobody calls run
2013-01-21 21:49:47 utc jmettraux is ok
2013-01-21 21:51:42 utc jmettraux is equivalent, the dashboard can remain unused, it's shallow
2013-01-21 21:59:40 utc randomcamel thanks for confirming. that's what I mean by "not a first-class use case". =) it's not like it's a moral flaw, but various things about running ruote in a distributed/multi-node context aren't apparent from the docs. I'll write stuff up once I grok what's going on, though.
2013-01-21 22:01:04 utc randomcamel I am excited about the amount of stuff we wouldn't have to implement if we can wire ruote into the system.
2013-01-21 22:01:14 utc jmettraux ok :-)
2013-01-21 22:06:49 utc jmettraux pointers about how to fix the doc is much appreciated, lessen the friction
2013-01-21 22:07:03 utc jmettraux ... are much appreciated...
2013-01-21 23:00:50 utc jmettraux GoGoGarrett: hello and welcome to #ruote