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2012-12-08 16:27:51 utc mburnett what's the best way to ask whether a wfid has completed (without a worker in the process)?
2012-12-08 16:29:29 utc mburnett right now i'm doing "if dashboard.status(wfid)", but i'm not convinced that's telling me what i think it is
2012-12-08 16:29:41 utc mburnett sorry
2012-12-08 16:29:46 utc mburnett "if dashboard.process(wfid)"
2012-12-09 00:24:27 utc jmettraux mburnett: it will return nil if there is no process with this wfid currently running (it means it return nil for terminated processes as well)
2012-12-09 00:25:33 utc jmettraux there are many ways to keep track of completed processes
2012-12-09 00:26:09 utc jmettraux final participants, looking at the history, having a special observer that keeps track of terminated/ceased workflow executions, ...