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2012-11-19 23:09:47 utc mburnett jmettraux: We just had our meeting about how to move forward with our workflow system replacement
2012-11-19 23:12:19 utc mburnett the next phase is to investigate the amount of time required to proceed with ruote vs writing it from scratch
2012-11-19 23:12:32 utc mburnett none of the other solutions we explored were very promising
2012-11-19 23:59:26 utc jmettraux mburnett: Hello, so "writing it from scratch" is the Sidekick/Resque solution?
2012-11-20 00:17:00 utc jmettraux says that ruote took 9 years of effort (only the github life of the projet is taken into account, the 2006-2007 years are not in)