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2012-11-18 22:01:35 utc jmettraux originale: hello and welcome to #ruote
2012-11-18 22:57:43 utc dtorgerson Hello #ruote! I'm thinking about implementing route to manage a volunteer registration application an have a couple of 'general architecture' questions
2012-11-18 22:58:04 utc jmettraux dtorgerson: hello Damon, welcome to #ruote
2012-11-18 22:58:15 utc dtorgerson Thanks John! First time here.
2012-11-18 22:58:57 utc jmettraux remember, don't use ruote if it's overkill ;-)
2012-11-18 22:58:58 utc dtorgerson Fun to connect with you. Feel lucky you're here. Do you have time for a quick chat?
2012-11-18 22:59:26 utc dtorgerson Yes. A state machine may be fine.
2012-11-18 22:59:32 utc jmettraux about to leave desk for breakfast, I should be back in one hour
2012-11-18 22:59:57 utc jmettraux if you have a quick [preliminary] question, that might be good
2012-11-18 22:59:57 utc dtorgerson Alright, I'm about to land so perhaps we'll sync up later.
2012-11-18 23:00:25 utc jmettraux ok, great
2012-11-18 23:00:51 utc dtorgerson talk to you later. have a good breakfast.
2012-11-18 23:00:53 utc dtorgerson :)
2012-11-18 23:00:56 utc jmettraux :-)