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2012-11-12 17:34:57 utc northox Hello guys!
2012-11-12 17:41:51 utc northox I have a question about that is not entirely related to Ruote altough the code in question does use Ruote in the backgroud. My question is about Rufus-scheduler: anyone tried to implement persistency over the schedules?
2012-11-12 18:01:04 utc northox I'll send an message to the mailing list.
2012-11-12 18:01:23 utc northox s/an/a/
2012-11-12 21:24:09 utc mburnett hi jmettraux
2012-11-12 21:24:23 utc jmettraux mburnett: hello, how are you doing?
2012-11-12 21:24:38 utc mburnett pretty good, how are you?
2012-11-12 21:24:54 utc jmettraux good as well
2012-11-12 21:25:09 utc jmettraux I looked at the citerator quadratic and found the cause (I think)
2012-11-12 21:25:14 utc mburnett qwesome
2012-11-12 21:25:18 utc mburnett a*
2012-11-12 21:25:47 utc mburnett i was just trying to look at it with a profiler
2012-11-12 21:25:59 utc jmettraux in fact, it's keeping all the workitems in an array in the citerator and only does the merging when the citerator is deemed over (all children replied or another over cause)
2012-11-12 21:26:17 utc jmettraux so it's taking up a quite a large space
2012-11-12 21:26:22 utc mburnett aha
2012-11-12 21:26:44 utc jmettraux this way of doing things is only useful for certain combinations of merge/merge_type
2012-11-12 21:26:47 utc mburnett and is that array communicated between workers in the case of multiple workers at each step?
2012-11-12 21:27:00 utc jmettraux yes, copied over and over
2012-11-12 21:27:02 utc mburnett oh wow
2012-11-12 21:27:07 utc mburnett sounds like a find :D
2012-11-12 21:27:35 utc jmettraux well, it works OK with small Ns
2012-11-12 21:27:43 utc jmettraux (few branches)
2012-11-12 21:28:08 utc mburnett a group of my colleagues have started working on a mostly ground up solution using resque/sidekiq and are getting great performance...though perhaps not the reliability yet
2012-11-12 21:28:19 utc jmettraux perfect
2012-11-12 21:28:23 utc mburnett they are hoping to demo something impressive monday
2012-11-12 21:28:53 utc jmettraux sorry not to be able to match resque (let's not mention sidekiq)
2012-11-12 21:29:24 utc mburnett ha
2012-11-12 21:29:31 utc mburnett well, that's ok
2012-11-12 21:29:44 utc mburnett i will be happy if it is linear to ~10k jobs
2012-11-12 21:29:56 utc jmettraux the fix is to merge as soon as possible so as to keep the footprint minimal (1 or 2 workitems instead of the whole 2000)
2012-11-12 21:29:59 utc mburnett i think our use case is a little unusual
2012-11-12 21:30:06 utc mburnett cool
2012-11-12 21:30:45 utc jmettraux so what kind of merge/merge_type do you need for your concurrent iterators ?
2012-11-12 21:31:16 utc mburnett good question
2012-11-12 21:31:42 utc mburnett there are some use cases where we just want to put an item from each participant in an array
2012-11-12 21:32:01 utc mburnett in some cases order must be preserved
2012-11-12 21:32:05 utc mburnett so that's annoying :o
2012-11-12 21:32:17 utc jmettraux reply order or apply order ?
2012-11-12 21:32:33 utc mburnett ah so imagine we are citerating over a list of ids
2012-11-12 21:33:03 utc mburnett each participant in the citer generates some output id, say, and we want the input ids to be associated with the output ids
2012-11-12 21:33:24 utc jmettraux is the output heavy?
2012-11-12 21:33:37 utc mburnett no
2012-11-12 21:33:43 utc jmettraux cool
2012-11-12 21:33:45 utc mburnett usually an integer or uuid
2012-11-12 21:34:08 utc mburnett we have a very few cases where we currently serialize an object, but not for our large scaling processes
2012-11-12 21:34:23 utc mburnett to my knowledge
2012-11-12 21:34:49 utc jmettraux always thought people would come up with some kind of hadoop hooked participant
2012-11-12 21:35:09 utc mburnett i suspect that will be something we eventually do
2012-11-12 21:35:17 utc mburnett hadoop has mixed support here
2012-11-12 21:35:27 utc mburnett it makes sense for some of our processes, but maybe not for others
2012-11-12 21:35:32 utc jmettraux ok
2012-11-12 21:35:49 utc mburnett it will be cool for it to be an amqp service
2012-11-12 21:36:02 utc mburnett and for it to be able to use ruote to orchestrate other processes
2012-11-12 23:02:30 utc jmettraux MCamou: hello, you're still up, sorry, I was planning to respond to your email tomorrow (for your european morning)
2012-11-13 00:08:59 utc MCamou jmettraux: Hi, saw your reply. Just watching a bit of TV and catching up on work.
2012-11-13 00:09:25 utc jmettraux ok, take care
2012-11-13 00:09:58 utc MCamou Things are working now! :)
2012-11-13 00:10:21 utc jmettraux weird thing, is it JRuby?
2012-11-13 00:11:12 utc MCamou Thakk you very much!
2012-11-13 00:12:29 utc MCamou You take care too... time for bed now
2012-11-13 00:16:19 utc MCamou Sorry…had to restart my IRC client which was becoming awfully sluggish
2012-11-13 00:16:35 utc MCamou I think it might have been user (programmer) error :)
2012-11-13 00:16:48 utc MCamou a BKC failure
2012-11-13 00:16:57 utc MCamou but I'll look into it tomorrow
2012-11-13 00:17:01 utc jmettraux ok
2012-11-13 00:17:11 utc jmettraux have a good night!
2012-11-13 00:17:13 utc MCamou anyway… take care and have a great day!
2012-11-13 00:17:20 utc jmettraux :-)