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2012-10-31 18:36:35 utc mburnett since engines are basically just sets of workers, i imagine someone has implemented a system where there are multiple engines connected to a backend (maybe rabbitmq or redis) that handle multiple workflows in a way that allows a particular engine to go down without disrupting service
2012-10-31 18:36:45 utc mburnett any leads on where to find examples of that approach?
2012-10-31 21:06:03 utc jmettraux mburnett: well, that's how it works, you just start and stop workers
2012-10-31 21:06:24 utc jmettraux if they share the same storage, then they're part of the same engine
2012-10-31 21:07:20 utc jmettraux depending on the storage ( the multiple/remote workers approach is OK or not
2012-10-31 21:08:34 utc jmettraux there is nothing special
2012-10-31 21:13:34 utc jmettraux (the usual note: if there is no answer here, there is the mailing list at
2012-10-31 21:32:22 utc mburnett awesome, it's going to be easier than i realized to do this!
2012-10-31 22:21:17 utc mburnett are process definitions persisted in the storage, or just current state?
2012-10-31 22:25:38 utc jmettraux no, process definitions are not persisted, you just pass them at launch time
2012-10-31 22:26:12 utc mburnett ah ic
2012-10-31 22:26:43 utc mburnett has anyone tried to persist process definitions until they are complete?
2012-10-31 22:27:01 utc mburnett i'm trying to construct a system where an engine/worker can go down and its work can be finished by someone else
2012-10-31 22:28:51 utc jmettraux well, that's how the system works
2012-10-31 22:29:10 utc mburnett i must just be testing it wrong
2012-10-31 22:29:31 utc jmettraux workers don't read process definitions from some kind of library
2012-10-31 22:29:52 utc jmettraux each expression that composes a process has its own piece of the definition tree
2012-10-31 22:30:11 utc jmettraux there is no "execution state" + "definition tree"
2012-10-31 22:30:25 utc jmettraux the definition tree is embedded in the execution state
2012-10-31 22:33:22 utc mburnett so in the case where there are two workers in separate processes and one launches a process and is subsequently killed, the rest of the process should be executed by the second worker?
2012-10-31 22:33:57 utc mburnett (assuming a redis backend)
2012-10-31 22:33:58 utc jmettraux provided that they share the same storage and that storage is OK with multiple workers, then yes
2012-10-31 22:34:26 utc mburnett ok, then my test is doing something wrong (the best case :)
2012-10-31 22:35:08 utc jmettraux in the extreme, you have a dashboard (no worker) that just places launch (and cancel, pause, etc) orders in the storages and workers in their own processes doing the execution
2012-10-31 22:35:22 utc mburnett that's actually perfect
2012-10-31 22:36:07 utc mburnett i'm trying to replace a home-grown workflow solution at a cancer research lab, and to sell it over pegasus i think it's going to need to be chaos-monkey friendly
2012-10-31 22:36:29 utc jmettraux :-)
2012-10-31 22:36:37 utc mburnett i really like what i understand of ruote so far, it's really nice :)
2012-10-31 22:39:22 utc jmettraux thanks, it has its dark corners and issues, trying to overcome them one at a time, provided there is usable feedback
2012-10-31 22:41:47 utc mburnett we have 5 teams of 2 people each investigating different solutions, and my partner and i are really excited about ruote
2012-10-31 22:42:09 utc mburnett i'm sure the other solutions have dark corners too
2012-10-31 22:42:18 utc mburnett and i'm sure they're all much better than our home-grown version
2012-10-31 22:45:15 utc mburnett our typical use case is to have the workflow engine submit jobs to, say, grid engine and wait for them to complete
2012-10-31 22:45:36 utc mburnett do you have any particular recommendations surrounding that?
2012-10-31 22:46:19 utc jmettraux sorry, no experience with grid technology
2012-10-31 22:46:25 utc mburnett ok no worries
2012-10-31 22:47:17 utc jmettraux as long as tests are in place and there is a staging environment to hammer
2012-10-31 22:48:33 utc mburnett luckily, we have a half-decent staging environment for this