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2012-10-30 16:04:18 utc kindjal anyone have any notes on integrating ruote with job/batch schedulers like SGE, LSF, PBS, Condor, etc.?
2012-10-30 16:20:28 utc kindjal For example, I know of drmaa4ruby, but it looks pretty quiet.
2012-10-30 21:30:58 utc jmettraux kindjal: hello and welcome to #ruote, sorry, never heard of such integrations
2012-10-30 21:31:12 utc jmettraux mburnett: hello and welcome to #ruote
2012-10-30 21:31:12 utc kindjal ok
2012-10-30 21:33:40 utc kindjal jmettraux: I'll be playing with drmaa4ruby that may be my answer.
2012-10-30 21:34:30 utc jmettraux cool, looking forward to see such work
2012-10-30 21:38:03 utc mburnett hi there :)
2012-10-30 21:38:47 utc mburnett kindjal: that's something i'm going to be looking into as well