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2012-10-25 06:20:17 utc hartog good $localtime!
2012-10-25 06:27:38 utc jmettraux Hello Hartog!
2012-10-25 06:28:30 utc hartog Hi John! Did you have time to play with the library yet ;-p
2012-10-25 06:30:16 utc jmettraux hello, sorry, I didn't have the time
2012-10-25 06:30:48 utc hartog np!
2012-10-25 06:31:02 utc jmettraux I didn't know sub-processes were not reusable
2012-10-25 06:33:13 utc hartog ruote does not keep a registry of processes
2012-10-25 06:33:27 utc hartog does it?
2012-10-25 06:33:45 utc jmettraux it does
2012-10-25 06:34:26 utc hartog since 2.3 then?
2012-10-25 06:34:36 utc jmettraux unless URIs are not counted in
2012-10-25 06:35:28 utc hartog nah, would not consider that a 'registry within Ruote'
2012-10-25 06:36:02 utc jmettraux ok
2012-10-25 06:39:25 utc jmettraux hartog, BTW, are you Hamburg or Karslruhe based?
2012-10-25 06:39:33 utc hartog raises a question though: would: 'subprocess ref:' function?
2012-10-25 06:39:36 utc hartog Karslruhe
2012-10-25 06:40:00 utc jmettraux ah, too bad, I was in Heidelberg last week, went back via Karlsruhe
2012-10-25 06:40:17 utc hartog 2 bad indeed!
2012-10-25 06:40:47 utc jmettraux yes it should work (if remote_definition_allowed is set to true)
2012-10-25 06:41:43 utc jmettraux I only noticed the other day when you mentioned the ruby_parser warnings, sorry
2012-10-25 06:42:59 utc hartog somehow these remote definitions feel uneasy to me - i'd rather have them neatly tucked away in my git repo
2012-10-25 06:44:42 utc jmettraux I understand, it all depends on the context, I just want people not to forget that HTTP is handy
2012-10-25 06:47:32 utc jmettraux at my current job we have a thinggy that scrapes process definitions out of private git repositories
2012-10-25 06:54:40 utc hartog jmettraux: you should fork the library and add a nice note about that to the README
2012-10-25 06:55:14 utc jmettraux or I could simply go on and enhance ruote's main documentation
2012-10-25 06:55:21 utc jmettraux but it's a good idea
2012-10-25 14:59:18 utc hartog bye!