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2012-10-24 21:44:50 utc Zak_ I haven' been on IRC in more than a decade - glad to find this little room
2012-10-24 21:45:03 utc Zak_ I was turned on to Ruote by a rubyist from Cape Town
2012-10-24 21:45:24 utc Zak_ looking at it vs. amazon SWF for workflow infrastructure
2012-10-24 21:46:59 utc Zak_ I"ll have more questions as I get more granular, but appreciate any thoughts or idiosyncrasies to prepare for
2012-10-24 22:03:21 utc jmettraux Zak_: hello, welcome to #ruote, ready for any question
2012-10-24 22:03:55 utc jmettraux if there is no answer here, feel free to abuse the mailing list:!forum/openwferu-users