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2012-09-08 00:22:05 utc jmettraux same for decision workers
2012-09-08 00:28:00 utc briahn10 any thoughts about one monolithic codebase vs individual code bases for each activity worker type?
2012-09-08 00:28:18 utc briahn10 the latter is more efficient, but harder to manage?
2012-09-08 00:32:18 utc jmettraux for ruote-swf, I have only one activity worker implementation
2012-09-08 00:32:54 utc jmettraux for a pure swf solution (no ruote in the mix), I guess I'd have a common set of activity worker code, then specialized implementations
2012-09-08 00:33:19 utc jmettraux maybe easier to distribute the same code, but with different initialization / configuration
2012-09-08 00:34:00 utc briahn10 ah yeah, that makes sense
2012-09-08 00:36:30 utc briahn10 any high level thoughts on the different backends? has swf been generally better than using route workers or resque worker backends?
2012-09-08 00:36:40 utc briahn10 *on the different worker backends?
2012-09-08 00:38:10 utc jmettraux speedwise, it's worse
2012-09-08 00:38:26 utc jmettraux convenience-wise, the amz admins make it work for us
2012-09-08 00:39:32 utc jmettraux I'm eager to see ruote-swf go public, it'll be an easy way to have people quickstart project with just an amz account
2012-09-08 00:39:52 utc jmettraux not fast, but convenient (as long as amz is up)
2012-09-08 00:42:36 utc briahn10 speed-wise? is that because there's some delay in posting decision tasks?
2012-09-08 00:43:07 utc jmettraux local redis servers vs remote swf servers
2012-09-08 00:43:56 utc briahn10 ah, our setup would probably be remote redis servers
2012-09-08 00:45:14 utc jmettraux I thought you were working for Dolores Labs, saw your name in one of their projects, ok
2012-09-08 00:45:29 utc briahn10 yeah i work for crowdflower
2012-09-08 00:45:37 utc briahn10 (along with danryan)
2012-09-08 00:45:51 utc danryan briahn10: yo!
2012-09-08 00:46:02 utc briahn10 oops, forgot about pings :)
2012-09-08 00:46:08 utc danryan :D
2012-09-08 01:11:47 utc jmettraux have to go, have a nice evening!