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2012-08-21 19:56:12 utc danryan Hey folks, I can't seem to use my registered participants:
2012-08-21 19:58:05 utc danryan I'm testing through an irb session, but that shouldn't make a difference, no?
2012-08-21 20:01:30 utc danryan Hm, if I create a new LocalParticipant and register it from the same session. I updated the gist to include the functional test
2012-08-22 08:06:51 utc jmettraux danryan: hello, welcome to #ruote, did you solve your participant issue?
2012-08-22 14:41:12 utc danryan jmettraux: indeed I did. I was defining accept? but leaving it blank.
2012-08-22 23:09:22 utc jmettraux danryan: ah, excellent, well done
2012-08-22 23:12:38 utc danryan jmettraux: I must say, ruote is fantastic :)
2012-08-22 23:13:09 utc jmettraux danryan: oh, thanks...
2012-08-22 23:13:27 utc jmettraux we've been twitter followers for a while but it's the first time we chat, right?
2012-08-22 23:14:14 utc danryan jmettraux: I believe so. I've idled here once or twice before
2012-08-22 23:15:00 utc jmettraux you're working with John Le?
2012-08-22 23:15:27 utc danryan I used to. He's moved on to a new startup.
2012-08-22 23:15:56 utc jmettraux oh cool, you guys are still using his redis storage implementation?
2012-08-22 23:16:20 utc danryan Ah ruote-backend, oh yes
2012-08-22 23:19:04 utc danryan I've dabbled with ruote here and there in the past, but only recently got approval to implement a pet project that uses it.
2012-08-22 23:19:26 utc danryan Expect me to soon annoy the heck out of the mailing list :)
2012-08-22 23:20:03 utc jmettraux fire at will ;-)