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2012-03-16 15:16:42 utc tombuc hi, I have this problem with ruote (big picture): I want to run concurrent iteration over a set of elements determined on runtime
2012-03-16 15:16:47 utc tombuc 2 problems arise:
2012-03-16 15:17:34 utc tombuc 1. I see that workitem fields cannot be complex Ruby objects, since they get serialized
2012-03-16 15:19:02 utc tombuc 2. I don't see an easy way to (concurrently) iterate over a dynamically obtained set of objects (say strings)
2012-03-16 15:22:21 utc tombuc I'm still trying to find a way to do that, though
2012-03-16 22:07:48 utc jmettraux Hey guys, if you see a question getting unanswered and the guy is still here, please direct him at the mailing list: