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2012-03-02 14:46:36 utc roolo Is it possible to instruct rufus to ommit scheduled task if it's other instance running?
2012-03-02 14:47:01 utc roolo Let's say this script
2012-03-02 14:47:08 utc roolo
2012-03-02 14:47:47 utc roolo Produce this weird intervals
2012-03-02 14:47:50 utc roolo
2012-03-02 14:49:37 utc roolo I would expect: If i run the script in :00 sec and first instance takes 6 seconds second run should be at :10 sec
2012-03-02 19:36:07 utc hartog hi all
2012-03-02 19:36:33 utc hartog jmettraux: if you had any hopes for ruote-riak - I am abandoning it
2012-03-02 19:36:44 utc hartog seems document stores and ruote don't mix
2012-03-02 19:36:50 utc jmettraux hartog: hello
2012-03-02 19:37:12 utc jmettraux interesting, MongoDB mixes well with ruote
2012-03-02 19:37:33 utc hartog but couchdb doesnt
2012-03-02 19:37:46 utc hartog and mongo is not a document store per-sé
2012-03-02 19:38:04 utc jmettraux what is it then?
2012-03-02 19:38:47 utc hartog a document oriented db
2012-03-02 19:39:10 utc hartog (the pain is always in the details ;^>)
2012-03-02 19:39:20 utc jmettraux not convinced
2012-03-02 19:40:52 utc hartog couch and riak store any document (with it's content-type definition) and provide a path to that document
2012-03-02 19:41:33 utc hartog mongo does something else; it stores bson documents
2012-03-02 19:45:25 utc jmettraux so a filesystem is a document store
2012-03-02 19:45:36 utc hartog ACTION just figured something
2012-03-02 19:45:53 utc jmettraux for the record, and not in order to convince you of anything:
2012-03-02 19:46:20 utc jmettraux (the ruote-couch "fiasco" is due 60% to me and 40% to Couch
2012-03-02 19:47:06 utc hartog :)
2012-03-02 19:47:10 utc jmettraux (the me part is mostly me not taking the time to upgrade to couch latest capabilities for listening couch activity
2012-03-02 19:47:22 utc hartog but I just had a funny thought which I am gonna try
2012-03-02 19:47:33 utc hartog if it pans out, it might just work...
2012-03-02 19:47:51 utc jmettraux (couch is not meant to be used as a work queue
2012-03-02 19:48:17 utc hartog i think the same goes for riak
2012-03-02 19:48:27 utc jmettraux (if you look at the ruote storage interface, it has a flavour that is couch inspired
2012-03-02 19:48:40 utc hartog _rev you mean?
2012-03-02 19:48:53 utc hartog you could call that 'poor man's locking'
2012-03-02 19:48:53 utc jmettraux (well, not really, let's say that couch and ruote share the _id / _rev couple
2012-03-02 19:49:13 utc jmettraux optimistic locking
2012-03-02 19:49:25 utc jmettraux I don't feel poor using it
2012-03-02 19:50:29 utc hartog you would feel richer if you owned a cluster which could actually handle pessimistic locks effortlessly though ;->
2012-03-02 19:50:36 utc jmettraux so I think I could make ruote-couch better, but it would take time and I would have to write migration tools from current versions to that new hypothetical improved ruote-couch
2012-03-02 19:51:04 utc hartog but you made the point already
2012-03-02 19:51:09 utc hartog it is not about queues
2012-03-02 19:51:26 utc hartog there is no 'alignment' in couch or riak
2012-03-02 19:52:05 utc hartog the ruby riak-client whines when you request all the keys from a bucket
2012-03-02 19:52:11 utc hartog and for good reason
2012-03-02 19:53:03 utc jmettraux ok
2012-03-02 19:55:22 utc jmettraux ACTION writes down in notebook: enumerate differences between file, resource and documents, in filesystem, filing systems, the web, and around
2012-03-02 19:58:06 utc hartog what did that say? (my xchat (on this particular machine) wont display /me's of /you)
2012-03-02 19:58:28 utc jmettraux me writes down in notebook: enumerate differences between file, resource and documents, in filesystem, filing systems, the web, and around
2012-03-02 19:58:42 utc hartog hehe