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2012-02-24 04:15:17 utc jmettraux lbt: thanks for the coffee! much appreciated!
2012-02-24 20:20:08 utc hartog oh hi!
2012-02-24 20:21:48 utc hartog jmettraux: r u awake? or just lurking?
2012-02-24 20:22:13 utc jmettraux hartog: hello, I'm waking up, lurking as usual
2012-02-24 20:22:19 utc jmettraux how are you doing?
2012-02-24 20:23:08 utc hartog as good as can be on a 7.2mbit connection trying to install some gems :-<
2012-02-24 20:23:42 utc jmettraux ouch, gone mobile?
2012-02-24 20:24:26 utc hartog forcefully
2012-02-24 20:24:32 utc hartog just waiting for the new DSL line to arrive
2012-02-24 20:24:38 utc hartog (since 12-12-2011)
2012-02-24 20:25:13 utc hartog how SWF coming along?
2012-02-24 20:25:25 utc hartog can you do the Public Service Announcement already?
2012-02-24 20:25:35 utc hartog or did I miss it?
2012-02-24 20:25:42 utc jmettraux my boss said "not yet"
2012-02-24 20:26:01 utc hartog shame...
2012-02-24 20:26:12 utc jmettraux the current ruote-swf is still based on the private alpha
2012-02-24 20:26:25 utc hartog in that case, you have off course gotten yourself a nice free account to OrganisedMinds ;-)
2012-02-24 20:26:44 utc jmettraux I'm working to upgrade to the API of the public beta
2012-02-24 20:26:53 utc jmettraux oh really, nice!
2012-02-24 20:27:28 utc hartog ACTION believes there is error in communication
2012-02-24 20:27:39 utc hartog you can sign up, no charge
2012-02-24 20:27:45 utc hartog or would you prefer an invite, sir?
2012-02-24 20:27:51 utc jmettraux excuse my lack of imagination, but how does OM compare to Asana?
2012-02-24 20:28:10 utc hartog ACTION googles Asana
2012-02-24 20:28:26 utc jmettraux the only sign from OrganisedMinds I received is your boss following me on Twitter ;-)
2012-02-24 20:28:56 utc hartog :-D
2012-02-24 20:29:02 utc hartog let me send you a nice invite
2012-02-24 20:30:19 utc hartog prefer an email address for the invite?
2012-02-24 20:31:10 utc hartog OM has (to have in the near future) a focus on the managment side of things - this sets it apart from the rest
2012-02-24 20:33:31 utc hartog and it will (one day) have ruote underneath to enable driven processes using activities and workspaces
2012-02-24 20:33:35 utc jmettraux great, let's try that, but can anybody see the ruote-amqp workspace?
2012-02-24 20:34:34 utc hartog nope
2012-02-24 20:34:42 utc hartog not until you or I invite them
2012-02-24 20:35:04 utc hartog in the free plan you can create 3 workspaces and invite 5 people per workspace
2012-02-24 20:35:21 utc hartog we're now working very hard on the first paid plan
2012-02-24 20:36:09 utc hartog so you could for instance invite Kenneth to join us in that workspace
2012-02-24 20:36:19 utc jmettraux let's use it for fun, but I'd prefer discussing open source stuff in open spaces ;-)
2012-02-24 20:36:36 utc hartog just follow the tour - we've created a swiss-army-knife and toning it down
2012-02-24 20:37:01 utc hartog ACTION just found good feedback
2012-02-24 20:42:02 utc hartog If you have any thoughts about the thing; please leave some feedback - we need all the feedback we can get
2012-02-24 20:42:19 utc hartog And a supportive tweet would be very much appreciated ;-)
2012-02-24 20:42:26 utc hartog ACTION wanders off to bed now
2012-02-24 20:43:28 utc jmettraux hartog: ah ok, I'll take some time over the week-end and come back with usable feedback info
2012-02-24 20:43:34 utc jmettraux have a good night!
2012-02-24 20:43:47 utc hartog many thx in advance!
2012-02-24 20:43:54 utc jmettraux (the link in the email invitation to the workspace didn't work...)
2012-02-24 20:44:04 utc hartog bastards!
2012-02-24 20:44:08 utc hartog ;-)
2012-02-24 20:44:53 utc hartog does it work in the elegantly-stolen-from-google+ notifications thingy?
2012-02-24 20:48:26 utc jmettraux not really...
2012-02-24 20:48:45 utc hartog :'(
2012-02-24 20:49:02 utc hartog well - you see if you can play with it
2012-02-24 20:49:20 utc hartog can't really fix it now
2012-02-24 20:49:35 utc hartog would love to hear your feedback - both positive and negative
2012-02-24 20:49:47 utc hartog good night!
2012-02-24 20:50:22 utc jmettraux good night!