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2012-01-12 01:38:39 utc jmettraux chrismconley: hello, welcome to #ruote
2012-01-12 01:38:51 utc jmettraux I've read your question
2012-01-12 01:40:21 utc jmettraux I have the impression that you have a script that launches a process and then simply ends
2012-01-12 01:40:38 utc jmettraux adding engine.wait_for(x) makes the script wait for the event x to happen
2012-01-12 01:41:07 utc jmettraux you could replace the wait_for with engine.join so that the script never exits and simply sticks to the engine
2012-01-12 01:43:24 utc jmettraux a script like this one will immediately exit, given no chance to the engine to do any work, unless wait_for is uncommentd
2012-01-12 03:22:57 utc chrismconley Hey John, thanks!
2012-01-12 03:23:32 utc chrismconley yeah, you're impression is pretty accurate
2012-01-12 03:24:14 utc chrismconley let me get a gist real quick
2012-01-12 03:26:29 utc chrismconley here's a simplified version of my process definition:
2012-01-12 03:27:10 utc chrismconley The :unit participant has #on_workitem and #reply methods
2012-01-12 03:27:30 utc chrismconley #on_workitem sets up data to be processed externally to the engine
2012-01-12 03:27:45 utc chrismconley and the external system then calls #reply when its done
2012-01-12 03:29:16 utc chrismconley I would expect that launching a process definition would kick off the workflow by calling the first participant's #on_workitem method
2012-01-12 03:29:51 utc chrismconley oops, s/you're/your above
2012-01-12 03:41:18 utc jmettraux ok, let me look at the gist
2012-01-12 03:42:37 utc jmettraux the actuall workflow kick off is the placement of a "launch" message to be processed by the worker(s)
2012-01-12 03:42:51 utc jmettraux the on_workitem isn't called immediately
2012-01-12 03:43:27 utc chrismconley should I have another "worker" process running somewhere?
2012-01-12 03:44:00 utc jmettraux if you look at, the Worker is explicitely instantiated
2012-01-12 03:44:19 utc jmettraux what kind of application do you have ?
2012-01-12 03:44:40 utc chrismconley right, so when does the worker process things?
2012-01-12 03:44:46 utc chrismconley rails
2012-01-12 03:45:21 utc jmettraux the worker is, by default, polling the storage for work, as soon as a message is in for it, it will get it and process it
2012-01-12 03:46:03 utc jmettraux do you run on thin, unicorn, passenger ?
2012-01-12 03:46:36 utc chrismconley okay, it seems as though the worker is never finding the work then
2012-01-12 03:47:26 utc chrismconley i deploy to heroku, so I believe I have thin set up, but I'm testing the workflows outside of any requests
2012-01-12 03:47:27 utc jmettraux or the order is not given, or the worker is not active, ... could be many things
2012-01-12 03:47:46 utc jmettraux wow
2012-01-12 03:48:04 utc jmettraux heroku kills threads after a while
2012-01-12 03:48:26 utc chrismconley yeah, I think I saw one of your posts on the mailing list about that
2012-01-12 03:49:08 utc chrismconley I haven't tried going to heroku yet though, just developing locally
2012-01-12 03:49:56 utc jmettraux ah
2012-01-12 03:50:18 utc jmettraux what does your ruote initialization code look like ?
2012-01-12 03:52:19 utc chrismconley I just updated my gist:
2012-01-12 03:55:48 utc chrismconley looking at the Worker source, do I need to call Worker#run? or is that taken care of by Ruote internally?
2012-01-12 03:56:37 utc jmettraux ruote takes care of it
2012-01-12 03:56:56 utc jmettraux what server is used when you test locally ?
2012-01-12 03:58:10 utc chrismconley i've just been testing in the console and attempting to get rspec working
2012-01-12 03:58:28 utc jmettraux ok
2012-01-12 03:59:02 utc jmettraux your launch code looks like ::RuoteEngine.launch(...) *?
2012-01-12 03:59:55 utc chrismconley yeah: wf_id = RuoteEngine.launch(process_definition)
2012-01-12 04:01:28 utc chrismconley in your gist, if we made the script sleep after launching, the toto step would eventually get called right?
2012-01-12 04:01:36 utc jmettraux yes
2012-01-12 04:01:53 utc jmettraux wait_for is necessary in specs
2012-01-12 04:02:12 utc jmettraux my specs and tests for ruote are saturated with wait_for
2012-01-12 04:02:32 utc jmettraux since all is happening asyncrhonously
2012-01-12 04:02:39 utc jmettraux ok, now I understand your case
2012-01-12 04:02:47 utc chrismconley okay, cool, let me start with your simple example and see if I can build up to my case
2012-01-12 04:02:48 utc jmettraux please use wait_for
2012-01-12 04:03:09 utc chrismconley but i don't want to wait for the reply :)
2012-01-12 04:03:38 utc chrismconley when I use wait for, i see the #on_workitem method get called but it still waits for the reply
2012-01-12 04:03:58 utc jmettraux which sounds sensible
2012-01-12 04:04:06 utc chrismconley once I trigger the reply, I see that the workflow continues
2012-01-12 04:04:10 utc jmettraux great
2012-01-12 04:04:36 utc chrismconley but i don't want to block the current thread outside of testing
2012-01-12 04:05:12 utc jmettraux then let the current thread so something else meanwhile
2012-01-12 04:06:12 utc chrismconley okay, i still feel like I'm completely missing something fundamental here; hopefully that's just because I've been up too long :)
2012-01-12 04:06:47 utc chrismconley let me take a fresh look in the morning and I'll let you know if I made any progress
2012-01-12 04:06:52 utc jmettraux ok
2012-01-12 04:07:06 utc jmettraux if I'm not around feel free to post on the mailing list, have a good night sleep !
2012-01-12 04:07:16 utc chrismconley thanks for the help and for the library in general; it's very impressive
2012-01-12 04:07:18 utc chrismconley thanks!
2012-01-12 04:07:31 utc jmettraux thanks!
2012-01-12 08:53:39 utc wayneeseguin :)
2012-01-12 08:53:40 utc wayneeseguin xoxo
2012-01-12 12:06:44 utc jmettraux wayneeseguin: hello, long time no see ! How are you doing ?
2012-01-12 15:00:19 utc wayneeseguin jmettraux Very good :) Focusing on dayjob these days. Looks like we get to also evaluate using ruote for a project so I'd like to chat with you sometime.
2012-01-12 21:51:43 utc jmettraux wayneeseguin: ok, anytime, very happy to see you around