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2011-12-18 22:22:57 utc lofic hello
2011-12-18 22:23:12 utc lofic I'm puzzled with rufus-scheduler
2011-12-18 22:23:22 utc lofic I launch a job
2011-12-18 22:24:03 utc lofic when it is launched, it does'nt appear anymore on scheduler.all_jobs
2011-12-18 22:24:35 utc lofic so how can I keep trace of already launched jobs ?
2011-12-18 23:14:32 utc lofic I'm going to sleep but you can answer here anyway, I'll check tomorrow morning
2011-12-18 23:59:20 utc jmettraux lofic: hello, how do you "launch" the job ?