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2011-12-12 09:52:40 utc phaeron jmettraux: epiphany (webkit) just leaked 1G of memory trying to draw that process ...
2011-12-12 09:55:30 utc phaeron and the new ruote-kit is quite fragile when handling some processes.
2011-12-12 09:55:36 utc phaeron I'll open some bugs about that
2011-12-12 10:06:39 utc jmettraux phaeron: what's the new ruote-kit ?
2011-12-12 10:08:53 utc phaeron well new for me. I just update it
2011-12-12 10:09:21 utc phaeron jmettraux: I get a lot of NoMethodError at /_ruote/processes undefined method `state' for nil:NilClass
2011-12-12 10:09:32 utc phaeron trying to find out what breaks it
2011-12-12 10:09:44 utc jmettraux what else did you update ?
2011-12-12 10:10:12 utc phaeron its dependencies. I can get you a list
2011-12-12 10:10:53 utc phaeron I am suspecting the haml gem
2011-12-12 10:11:58 utc jmettraux waiting for a detailed issue report
2011-12-12 10:12:05 utc phaeron ok will do later
2011-12-12 10:12:06 utc phaeron thanks
2011-12-12 10:13:42 utc jmettraux quick note, #state is used in ruote-kit against the root expression of a process, NoMethodError 'state' would indicate the root expression of a process is gone, it could indicate you have corrupted processes
2011-12-12 10:14:15 utc jmettraux one thing I can do is harden ruote-kit to survive such issues
2011-12-12 10:14:37 utc jmettraux but it would be good to identify them as such
2011-12-12 10:15:35 utc phaeron yes I agreee, they seem to appear only when I delete or cancel a process
2011-12-12 10:15:43 utc jmettraux is it intermittent ?
2011-12-12 10:15:51 utc jmettraux does the issue go if you hit reload ?
2011-12-12 10:15:56 utc phaeron no
2011-12-12 10:16:16 utc phaeron I find some "floating" expressions left in the fs database
2011-12-12 10:16:35 utc jmettraux no errors ? Nothing in the application log ?
2011-12-12 10:18:41 utc phaeron there's a backtrace in ruote-kit
2011-12-12 10:19:20 utc jmettraux that's the backtrace of the symptom, we need to know what caused those expressions to get orphaned
2011-12-12 10:19:40 utc jmettraux question: are you seeing this as you trying to cancel a fleeting expression ?
2011-12-12 10:20:31 utc phaeron yes I _killed_ an expression and then this appeared
2011-12-12 10:21:09 utc phaeron the process is no longer there but there are some expressions and an error left (I can see them in the webui and on the fs )
2011-12-12 10:21:30 utc jmettraux what does the error say ?
2011-12-12 10:21:33 utc phaeron it was a flanked expression if that makes a difference
2011-12-12 10:21:58 utc phaeron it's an error relayed from a remote participant , not related to ruote
2011-12-12 10:22:30 utc jmettraux ok
2011-12-12 10:23:15 utc phaeron anyway I need to go somewhere
2011-12-12 10:23:23 utc phaeron will come back with more detailed information
2011-12-12 10:24:00 utc jmettraux I'll probably be away, an email to the mailing list or an issue would be welcome, a way to reproduce would be golden
2011-12-12 10:24:30 utc phaeron I'll try , thanks
2011-12-12 10:24:38 utc jmettraux the code about expression.state got added to ruote-kit in June this year, I don't know if this is new for you guys, the flanking code is recent too
2011-12-12 11:49:30 utc jmettraux phaeron: I pushed a commit that removes the NoMethodError on root_expression.state:
2011-12-12 11:49:43 utc jmettraux it should help you in your work isolating the underlying cause
2011-12-12 11:56:26 utc phaeron jmettraux: thanks
2011-12-12 11:56:33 utc phaeron I'll apply it and see what happens
2011-12-12 11:56:49 utc phaeron maybe we can then insert some debugging code to find the real issue
2011-12-12 11:58:08 utc jmettraux if you can find a way to reproduce the "fleeting expression" issue, that'd be great
2011-12-12 11:59:21 utc jmettraux if you can write a test that exhibits the issue
2011-12-12 12:01:22 utc jmettraux back in one or two hours
2011-12-12 12:02:03 utc phaeron ok
2011-12-12 12:02:05 utc phaeron will try
2011-12-12 22:28:44 utc phaeron jmettraux: I had to at least see the id of the process causing the error , so we fixed the process listing page first
2011-12-12 22:29:07 utc jmettraux hello, ok
2011-12-12 22:43:25 utc jmettraux phaeron: if the root_expression is nil issue and it makes ruote-kit choke is fixed, does it solve all your current issues ?
2011-12-12 22:44:17 utc phaeron yeah it's fine for now that the process listing page works. some other pages need fixing as well but it is less important. I can fix them on a need to basis and send patches.
2011-12-12 22:45:18 utc jmettraux ok, please don't duplicate patches then, it's confusing
2011-12-12 22:45:45 utc phaeron hmm ? but I didn't :)
2011-12-12 22:46:23 utc jmettraux vs
2011-12-12 22:46:46 utc jmettraux ah argh
2011-12-12 22:47:03 utc jmettraux sorry
2011-12-12 22:47:29 utc phaeron no problem :)
2011-12-12 22:47:53 utc jmettraux thanks a lot !
2011-12-12 22:49:57 utc phaeron welcome
2011-12-12 23:14:55 utc jmettraux phaeron: I will look at issue #13 later (in around 7 hours), and smooth any issue triggered by your flanking error handler
2011-12-12 23:15:23 utc phaeron sure, take your time :)