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2011-11-23 19:02:52 utc can_ hi
2011-11-23 20:54:53 utc jmettraux can_: hello, welcome to #ruote
2011-11-23 21:27:30 utc can_ hi jmettraux; ty
2011-11-23 21:58:10 utc can_ maybe u know how to fix that:
2011-11-23 21:58:57 utc can_ everything is fine, when trying the example ( ) in irb
2011-11-23 21:59:34 utc can_ but with 'pry' i'm getting:
2011-11-23 21:59:36 utc can_ Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory - (pry)
2011-11-23 21:59:37 utc can_ from /home/c/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290@ruote/gems/sourcify-0.4.2/lib/sourcify/proc/parser/source_code.rb:18:in `initialize'
2011-11-23 22:00:21 utc can_ on register_participant
2011-11-23 22:01:22 utc jmettraux sourcify is grabbing your proc to rebuild its source code
2011-11-23 22:01:48 utc jmettraux the proc is telling sourcify that it's sourcefile is "pry", and sourcify doesn't know about that
2011-11-23 22:02:06 utc jmettraux it looks in the CWD and there is no "pry" file
2011-11-23 22:07:01 utc jmettraux not sure if it's useful to fix that, it works in irb and most of the time one runs his applications outside of a REPL
2011-11-23 22:13:24 utc can_ ok. thanks.
2011-11-23 22:17:18 utc can_ whats the meaning of 'branch' here: ?
2011-11-23 22:18:29 utc can_ is it just another word for the sequence and concurrence thing?
2011-11-23 22:19:27 utc jmettraux if you have concurrence { a; b }, there are two branches: a and b
2011-11-23 22:20:52 utc jmettraux a sequence has one branch, an if expression has two branches (then and else) generally
2011-11-23 22:23:28 utc can_ ok. now i understand. tyvm
2011-11-23 22:35:35 utc jmettraux you're welcome