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2011-10-28 19:38:47 utc greg-howcast Hello John, are you around?
2011-10-28 21:22:28 utc jmettraux greg-howcast: yes, I'm around
2011-10-28 21:22:37 utc jmettraux hello
2011-10-28 21:25:06 utc greg-howcast John, we've encountered an issue in ruote, where the workitems aren't being saved to the db. Is there anyway to force the current process to persist the workitem that is inside of the expression?
2011-10-28 21:27:52 utc jmettraux it does it, always, "applied_workitem"
2011-10-28 21:28:58 utc greg-howcast always? do you mean that it always saves the workitem?
2011-10-28 21:29:44 utc jmettraux each time an expression gets applied, the accompanying workitem gets saved in the expression in the "applied_workitem" variable
2011-10-28 21:31:10 utc greg-howcast okay, is there anyway to have the applied_workitem be saved to the db (into ruote_workitems) by manual intervention?
2011-10-28 21:32:29 utc jmettraux yes
2011-10-28 21:32:51 utc greg-howcast The issue we are seeing is that our processes don't have current_workitems all of a sudden. The process isn't finished and has no errors. This seems to be a one off thing, so we're looking for a way to recover.
2011-10-28 21:33:45 utc jmettraux preparing gist
2011-10-28 21:35:13 utc greg-howcast thank you
2011-10-28 21:35:15 utc jmettraux sorry, I don't remember, what storage are you guys using ?
2011-10-28 21:37:16 utc jmettraux this forces the re-application of the expression,
2011-10-28 21:37:51 utc jmettraux if it's a participant expression, it will force the workitem into the separate workitem storage
2011-10-28 21:47:25 utc greg-howcast we're using redis
2011-10-28 21:48:07 utc greg-howcast how different is the gist from:
2011-10-28 21:48:14 utc greg-howcast ps.expressions.last.apply
2011-10-28 21:48:51 utc greg-howcast I was using that, but it didn't quite give me the desired outcome, as it would "rewind" the process, before reply was done.
2011-10-28 21:49:18 utc jmettraux yes, re_apply cancels and then applies
2011-10-28 21:50:38 utc jmettraux doing apply directly will skip any "tag" or "lose" or "forget" or "if/unless" and "filter"
2011-10-28 21:50:53 utc jmettraux but it should be OK if the expression is an already applied participant expression
2011-10-28 21:51:49 utc greg-howcast thanks John, I'll give it a try now