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2011-10-10 11:02:37 utc u1106 I was looking into the dependencies of upgrading ruote-kit to the newest commit
2011-10-10 11:02:58 utc jmettraux hello
2011-10-10 11:03:31 utc u1106 when doing a "bundle install" of ruote-kit, bundler picked commit 0a3ee3a78e63 of ruote
2011-10-10 11:03:37 utc u1106 hello!
2011-10-10 11:04:11 utc jmettraux do "bundle update ruote"
2011-10-10 11:04:24 utc jmettraux it will force your Gemfile.lock to the latest ruote
2011-10-10 11:04:51 utc u1106 first I did not see where/how this SHA1 was specifiied (shouldn't it be in ruote-kit Gemfile??)
2011-10-10 11:05:42 utc u1106 second I wondered whether there is something magic with just that commit? It is untagged as many others before and after it
2011-10-10 11:06:25 utc jmettraux I can upgrade ruote-kit master to the latest commit if you want
2011-10-10 11:06:45 utc jmettraux (to the latest commit of ruote)
2011-10-10 11:06:46 utc u1106 so would the "bundle update ruote" bring me to the newest commit of ruote?
2011-10-10 11:06:52 utc jmettraux yes
2011-10-10 11:07:55 utc u1106 yes I have checked out the latest commit of master of ruote-kit. That's were I start my "bundle install" from
2011-10-10 11:09:38 utc u1106 just to understand what is going on here, where did it get the magic "0a3ee..." from?
2011-10-10 11:10:28 utc u1106 ahh Gemfile.lock, I thought there was none, but I might be mistaken. Checking again
2011-10-10 11:10:57 utc u1106 of course there is one!!
2011-10-10 11:11:06 utc u1106 ACTION needs new glasses
2011-10-10 11:16:38 utc u1106 Ok, now I understand what's going on here. So the question would be: given we want the newest master commit of ruote-kit, would you rather recommend us to go also with the newest master commit of ruote or with the "locked" commit in ruote-kit/Gemfile.lock
2011-10-10 11:17:20 utc jmettraux the project I'm currently has a Gemfile that looks like:
2011-10-10 11:18:11 utc jmettraux
2011-10-10 11:18:45 utc jmettraux where both are edge (and the ruote dependency in ruote-kit is shadowed by the general ruote dependency)
2011-10-10 11:18:50 utc jmettraux it works fine
2011-10-10 11:22:29 utc u1106 Are you telling me that 0a3ee3 is not anything particularly well-tested/known to be stable/recommended? We could equally go with today's master tips?
2011-10-10 11:23:43 utc jmettraux 0a3ee3 was green for all ruote-kits specs
2011-10-10 11:23:58 utc jmettraux but you can go safely with master
2011-10-10 11:24:10 utc u1106 ok, thank you
2011-10-10 11:25:55 utc jmettraux the CI for ruote-kit is using ruote master, it's been green all these days
2011-10-10 11:29:56 utc jmettraux the others are red mostly because of timing issues I'm trying to tackle in my spare time
2011-10-10 11:30:09 utc jmettraux then it will be 2.2.1
2011-10-10 11:32:30 utc u1106 yes I understand there are always more things to do than time available? Without being impatient in any way, when would you roughly expect 2.2.1 to arrive? Days, weeks, months?
2011-10-10 11:33:15 utc jmettraux I've been promising it for a while... I want to push it before the end of the year
2011-10-10 11:33:45 utc jmettraux Bundler makes it so easy not to release :-)