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2011-10-06 02:56:58 utc trumant anyone worked with amqp using request/reply exchange in a single participant?
2011-10-06 02:57:10 utc jmettraux trumant: hello, welcome to #ruote
2011-10-06 02:57:34 utc jmettraux maybe lbt, but it's a bit early for him
2011-10-06 03:00:03 utc trumant google didn't turn up much and ruote-amqp source was useful, but not quite what I'm looking for
2011-10-06 03:00:29 utc trumant maybe I'll pitch it up to the google group tomorrow
2011-10-06 03:01:14 utc jmettraux sounds like two techniques to assemble, a bit of exploration should yield an answer quickly
2011-10-06 03:01:26 utc trumant Thanks for your work on ruote John. Great documentation from what I've seen so far
2011-10-06 03:02:31 utc jmettraux ah, you're welcome, if you spot weak points, please tell
2011-10-06 03:02:32 utc trumant Agreed, new to both so still doing lots of reading and experimenting
2011-10-06 03:06:22 utc trumant Well, back to my learning, if I can, I'll contribute anything useful I come up with back to ruote-amqp