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2011-08-29 18:21:38 utc juris anyone here?
2011-08-29 18:26:31 utc jmettraux juris: hello
2011-08-29 18:30:47 utc juris hey john
2011-08-29 18:31:03 utc juris just a couple of questions:
2011-08-29 18:31:20 utc juris is it possible to use hiredis with ruote-redis?
2011-08-29 18:31:49 utc juris basically we'll just require hiredis and 'redis/connection/hiredis' before 'redis
2011-08-29 18:31:51 utc juris '
2011-08-29 18:31:52 utc jmettraux with the latest developments in ruote-redis (master), no
2011-08-29 18:32:30 utc juris what about 2.2.0?
2011-08-29 18:32:32 utc jmettraux the latest ruote-redis is tightly coupled to the ruby-redis gem
2011-08-29 18:32:43 utc juris ah, that as well...
2011-08-29 18:32:47 utc juris k.
2011-08-29 18:32:48 utc jmettraux if this gem can do hiredis, then it can
2011-08-29 18:32:54 utc jmettraux you could just try
2011-08-29 18:33:30 utc juris yeah - wanted to find confirm with you do (in case you already did make it so)
2011-08-29 18:33:47 utc jmettraux says you can use hiredis
2011-08-29 18:33:55 utc jmettraux so ruote-redis can use hiredis then
2011-08-29 18:34:41 utc juris that's what i have now... specified hiredis and redis-rb in our Gemfile -
2011-08-29 18:35:19 utc juris and ruote-redis isnt using a Gemfile, so i guess it's just picking up whatever redis gem is available...
2011-08-29 18:36:48 utc juris ah... actually - ruote-redis expects the user/client to require 'redis':
2011-08-29 18:36:48 utc juris #require 'redis'
2011-08-29 18:36:49 utc juris # now letting the end-user doing this require
2011-08-29 18:37:03 utc juris tnx man
2011-08-29 18:37:21 utc jmettraux ruote-redis is distributed as a gem, it specifies its dependencies in a gemspec, and that influences mostly the "gem install ruote-redis" step
2011-08-29 18:37:47 utc jmettraux have you tried requiring hiredis as specified in before requiring ruote-redis ?
2011-08-29 18:38:31 utc jmettraux the master version of ruote-redis does the "require 'redis'" for you
2011-08-29 18:38:46 utc jmettraux I wonder how it works with requiring the hiredis way before
2011-08-29 18:40:14 utc jmettraux should work
2011-08-29 18:40:54 utc juris that's what i'll be trying today. ruote-redis 2.2.0 *does* not involed
2011-08-29 18:40:59 utc juris "require
2011-08-29 18:41:03 utc juris 'redis'"
2011-08-29 18:41:11 utc juris (invoke)
2011-08-29 18:42:12 utc juris one other thing we noticed here though...
2011-08-29 18:43:02 utc juris redis is pegging the CPU (~45%) the moment we have a ruote storage engine (using redis) up and running..
2011-08-29 18:43:42 utc juris we're still trying to isolate if it's our app that's doing this...
2011-08-29 18:44:01 utc jmettraux let me check something
2011-08-29 18:44:18 utc jmettraux are you using ruote-redis 2.2.0 ?
2011-08-29 18:44:42 utc juris yep
2011-08-29 18:45:36 utc juris would it be good to turn the engine on and off throughout the life of the app? would that be the right way to use it?
2011-08-29 18:45:59 utc jmettraux the 2.2.0 is probably polling redis too much
2011-08-29 18:46:05 utc jmettraux look at the redis log
2011-08-29 18:46:22 utc jmettraux the 2.2.1 version is using lpop, so it shouldn't be so aggressive
2011-08-29 18:46:28 utc juris anyway we can configure the polling interval?
2011-08-29 18:46:44 utc jmettraux not really
2011-08-29 18:47:09 utc juris hmm. i suppose we could try moving to 2.2.1
2011-08-29 18:47:20 utc juris on our stage server to see if there's a diff
2011-08-29 18:47:25 utc jmettraux ok
2011-08-29 18:47:32 utc juris tnx man
2011-08-29 18:47:36 utc juris i'll keep you posted
2011-08-29 18:48:26 utc juris is the 2.2.1 version out?
2011-08-29 18:49:00 utc jmettraux no, not yet
2011-08-29 18:50:02 utc juris so just pull from your master (via Gemfile)? or is there a patch we could apply?
2011-08-29 18:51:19 utc jmettraux some people pull from master in the Gemfile, you can generate a patch from Github IIRC too
2011-08-29 18:52:50 utc juris k. i'll pull from master then.