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2011-07-25 00:25:37 utc kellyp hello, if i am using a redo expression in json should it be _redo or redo?
2011-07-25 00:26:50 utc kellyp when i tried _redo it said it was unkown
2011-07-25 00:27:03 utc kellyp and redo didn't seem to do anything
2011-07-25 00:27:40 utc kellyp here is the json
2011-07-25 00:31:18 utc kennethkalmer hi kellyp, jmettraux will get back to you when he's available, please hang around
2011-07-25 00:32:27 utc kellyp thanks!
2011-07-25 00:33:17 utc kennethkalmer no worries, your question is just outside my familiarity, and it is 2:30am here so I'm heading to bed
2011-07-25 00:33:35 utc kennethkalmer have a great day guys, ttyl !