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2011-06-24 03:41:34 utc toulmean wayneeseguin: heh man
2011-06-24 03:41:46 utc toulmean you're off twitter these days ?
2011-06-24 03:42:15 utc toulmean I wanted to ask you if you ever heard of people trying to integrate rvm with jenkins/hudson ?
2011-06-24 05:16:35 utc jmettraux toulmean: hello, you'll probably have more chance if you ask Wayne in #rvm
2011-06-24 05:16:51 utc toulmean jmettraux: k, got your tweet
2011-06-24 05:16:58 utc toulmean I need to check out the rake plugin
2011-06-24 05:17:13 utc toulmean but got to take care of personal matters now
2011-06-24 05:17:19 utc toulmean will do that later :|
2011-06-24 05:17:29 utc jmettraux good luck !
2011-06-24 05:17:55 utc toulmean jmettraux: thanks for the links
2011-06-24 05:18:03 utc jmettraux you're welcome
2011-06-24 11:41:43 utc jmettraux lbt: congrats for the N9
2011-06-24 11:43:39 utc lbt jmettraux: thanks :)
2011-06-24 11:43:51 utc lbt People are very very pleased indeed to see it announced
2011-06-24 11:51:08 utc lbt And in other news it looks like ruote/BOSS is going to be used to manage the build for some in-car systems for LGE
2011-06-24 11:52:20 utc jmettraux whoah, now I won't be able to sleep
2011-06-24 11:52:37 utc jmettraux ;-) congrats !!
2011-06-24 12:01:02 utc lbt well, I'm working on making it a key part of the proposed MeeGo Vendor systems stack.
2011-06-24 12:01:33 utc lbt
2011-06-24 12:03:16 utc jmettraux I wonder where I can get a N9 in this country
2011-06-24 12:03:49 utc lbt hehe... not so easy. There is a "Nokia Champions" programme
2011-06-24 12:04:35 utc lbt Nokia will also be arranging developer oriented launch events and are likely to be giving out or making available 'developer devices'
2011-06-24 12:04:43 utc jmettraux all this Meego env is very impressive
2011-06-24 12:06:23 utc lbt well, I personally think MeeGo concept will be *huge* ... even if the brand "MeeGo" doesn't do it, the idea to provide a community managed baseline distro for large vendors to build devices on.... it's a no-brainer :)
2011-06-24 12:15:23 utc jmettraux tosch_le_: hello
2011-06-24 12:42:44 utc tosch_le_ jmettraux: hello! sorry, was in a meeting and am about to leave know. let's talk on monday :-)
2011-06-24 12:42:55 utc jmettraux ok, enjoy the week-end
2011-06-24 12:43:07 utc tosch_le_ you too!
2011-06-24 12:58:14 utc wayneeseguin jmettraux: can / did you pass along ?
2011-06-24 12:58:51 utc jmettraux wayneeseguin: hello, I already did!/jmettraux/status/84124318614814720
2011-06-24 12:59:26 utc wayneeseguin ok!
2011-06-24 12:59:28 utc wayneeseguin thanks
2011-06-24 13:00:23 utc jmettraux seems like #rvm is on auto-pilot
2011-06-24 13:03:19 utc wayneeseguin pretty much...