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2011-06-07 22:51:07 utc jmettraux greg-howcast: hello and welcome to #ruote
2011-06-07 22:51:39 utc greg-howcast hi john
2011-06-07 23:01:04 utc kellyp hello, is anyone familiar with daemon-kit?
2011-06-07 23:04:25 utc jmettraux kellyp: the daemon-kit author, kennethkalmer is sometimes available here on european times, probably the simplest way to get help is to use the dk mailing list
2011-06-07 23:05:01 utc kellyp ok thanks!
2011-06-08 00:10:48 utc juris_ jmettraux: is it possible to specify something like a ref tag for a task in an on_timeout?
2011-06-08 00:11:06 utc juris_ eg: :on_timeout => 'main:sometask'
2011-06-08 00:16:49 utc jmettraux juris_: you can pass the name of a subprocess or the name of a participant. You could wrap "main :task => sometask" in a subprocess