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2011-06-06 06:36:13 utc jmettraux kschiess: hello, thanks for the new release !
2011-06-06 06:36:28 utc kschiess hei, no problem.
2011-06-06 06:36:43 utc kschiess It fixes a bug that I think was really important to fix quick...
2011-06-06 06:37:07 utc kschiess Unicode parsing is absolutely essential! Thanks for reporting this.
2011-06-06 06:37:16 utc jmettraux :-)
2011-06-06 06:38:04 utc kschiess Are you ok with your sentence example to figure in the examples directory?
2011-06-06 06:38:24 utc jmettraux please use it
2011-06-06 06:38:31 utc jmettraux ACTION double checks
2011-06-06 06:39:28 utc kschiess Its already in there, I thought it was fairly clear on how to do unicode parsing. The text seems to be from ruby kaigi homepage?
2011-06-06 06:40:00 utc jmettraux yes, it is
2011-06-06 06:40:50 utc kschiess all right then? (I know, it is awkward to ask after the fact..)
2011-06-06 06:41:00 utc jmettraux no worries, all right
2011-06-06 06:41:12 utc kschiess great. Again, thanks!
2011-06-06 06:41:24 utc jmettraux thanks to you !!
2011-06-06 06:42:07 utc kschiess we can go on forever ;)
2011-06-06 06:42:35 utc jmettraux no, it's over now, the person who put the most effort stops first
2011-06-06 06:43:01 utc kschiess as a rule?
2011-06-06 06:43:06 utc kschiess didn't know that.
2011-06-06 06:43:08 utc jmettraux and I hope you'll continue put effort into Parslet
2011-06-06 06:43:31 utc kschiess I will. Just not expanding it until it implements the kitchen sink. But keeping it tight and neat.
2011-06-06 06:43:54 utc jmettraux a rule I follow
2011-06-06 06:44:59 utc kschiess seems a logical rule to follow. It strikes me as etiquette you'd find in japan...
2011-06-06 06:46:04 utc jmettraux interesting, ... arigatou gozaimasu (present) vs arigatou gozaimashita (past)
2011-06-06 06:46:35 utc jmettraux present is used when thanking for an ongoing service being received, while the past is used when the service is done and received
2011-06-06 06:46:57 utc jmettraux but that rule is vanishing
2011-06-06 06:47:54 utc kschiess I had a conversation this weekend on the social rule of breaking up a conversation in a tight group to welcome/wave goodbye a person walking by. ...
2011-06-06 06:49:14 utc kschiess I was of the opinion that intruding on a conversation like that is not good behaviour.. but then discovered that I have this rule from my practice of martial arts, not from my surroundings.. Still - I think one is allowed to chose rules to follow ;) Do I need to credit you whenever I use the thank-you-rule? ;)
2011-06-06 06:49:58 utc jmettraux no no no
2011-06-06 06:50:02 utc jmettraux no crediting me
2011-06-06 07:36:33 utc jmettraux speaking of doujo
2011-06-06 07:56:12 utc jmettraux rubykaigi schedule out
2011-06-06 07:58:28 utc kschiess Is the rubykaigi schedule somehow a direct consequence of parslet 1.2.1? (that example makes me wonder)
2011-06-06 07:59:05 utc jmettraux lol
2011-06-06 20:07:10 utc lucas-howcast Hey guys, does anyone know if I can use a rewind without a cursor block? or do rewinds only work within a cursor do..end?
2011-06-06 20:11:09 utc hartog
2011-06-06 20:11:16 utc hartog that should answer your question :-)
2011-06-06 20:11:22 utc lucas-howcast thanks a lot!
2011-06-06 20:13:40 utc lucas-howcast oh well, actually it explains a bit, but not all
2011-06-06 20:13:47 utc lucas-howcast cool about the difference between _redo and rewind
2011-06-06 20:14:02 utc lucas-howcast but so is rewind supported within a sequence, or only a cursor?
2011-06-06 20:15:11 utc hartog given the further reading I did just now, I would say only cursor
2011-06-06 20:15:19 utc hartog but a cursor is just a sequence
2011-06-06 20:15:24 utc hartog with rewind
2011-06-06 20:15:44 utc lucas-howcast oh I see, gotcha
2011-06-06 20:15:48 utc hartog
2011-06-06 20:15:52 utc hartog more infos
2011-06-06 20:15:54 utc lucas-howcast thx!
2011-06-06 20:22:43 utc hartog naptime!
2011-06-06 21:27:22 utc lucas-howcast Hey guys, I'm trying to write specs for a task for when it times out.. but not sure how to stub/force the timeout on a task
2011-06-06 21:27:26 utc lucas-howcast anyone got any tips/
2011-06-06 21:27:27 utc lucas-howcast ?
2011-06-06 22:19:36 utc jmettraux lucas-howcast: hello, you could pass a "0s" value to your timeout, so it triggers immediately
2011-06-06 22:19:52 utc jmettraux juris: hello and welcome to #ruote
2011-06-06 22:20:32 utc lucas-howcast Hey jmettraux, thx, yeah i thought of that, but unfortunately I'm trying to write cucumber specs for integration testing, so i don't have direct access to the timeout variable
2011-06-06 22:20:35 utc jmettraux lucas-howcast: if it's not practical, tell me and I'll indicate another solution
2011-06-06 22:20:44 utc lucas-howcast thought maybe there's a way to stub it somehow
2011-06-06 22:21:06 utc jmettraux you have access to the process definition, it should be doable
2011-06-06 22:21:59 utc lucas-howcast yeah, that's true.. lemme see..
2011-06-06 22:25:57 utc jmettraux lucas-howcast: the other solution is to find the expression and force its timeout
2011-06-06 22:26:05 utc juris jmettraux: hey hello - i work with lucas
2011-06-06 22:26:37 utc juris we were just discussing, figuring out we could cuke/spec processes with timeouts
2011-06-06 22:26:58 utc jmettraux ah understood, welcome
2011-06-06 22:27:27 utc jmettraux exp = engine.process(wfid).expressions.find { |exp| ... }
2011-06-06 22:29:05 utc jmettraux exp.cancel('timeout')
2011-06-06 22:29:13 utc jmettraux should do it cleanly
2011-06-06 22:29:20 utc lucas-howcast awesome
2011-06-06 22:29:29 utc jmettraux 'timeout' being the 'flavour' of the cancel order
2011-06-06 22:29:51 utc jmettraux it should do things cleanly
2011-06-06 22:33:48 utc juris btw one other thing. something we noticed about tasks defined in concurrence blocks
2011-06-06 22:34:24 utc juris when parsing history, it doesn't seem like the 'reply' for the last task to exit the block is ever received...
2011-06-06 22:38:51 utc jmettraux juris: maybe it's received after the reply to the concurrence
2011-06-06 22:38:59 utc jmettraux kellyp: hello and welcome to #ruote
2011-06-06 22:40:15 utc kellyp thanks, just started working with ruote
2011-06-06 22:40:22 utc juris would it still be registered in the history with an action == 'reply' ?
2011-06-06 22:40:27 utc kellyp so far i like it a lot
2011-06-06 22:40:42 utc jmettraux kellyp: glad to read that
2011-06-06 22:41:13 utc jmettraux juris: if you see other "reply" then yes, any attributes set on your "concurrence" ?
2011-06-06 22:50:49 utc juris we pull all the entries that are action =~ /reply|dispatch/ - we do set some variables within those tasks in the concurrence
2011-06-06 22:51:04 utc juris (is that what you meatn by attributes?)
2011-06-06 22:51:39 utc jmettraux sorry, I meant "concurrence do" vs "concurrence :count => 1, :remaining => :forget do"
2011-06-06 22:51:45 utc jmettraux attributes of the expression
2011-06-06 22:52:14 utc juris ah... one of them we do:
2011-06-06 22:52:16 utc juris concurrence :merge_type => :mix, :over_if => '${issue}', :count => 2 do
2011-06-06 22:54:02 utc jmettraux by default, the remaining branches get cancelled, I'd have to double check, but they might not reply (especially since the concurrence is over and gone)
2011-06-06 22:54:36 utc jmettraux :count => 2 means that after 2 replies, the concurrence is over
2011-06-06 22:55:13 utc jmettraux :over_if => ... could terminate the concurrence even sooner
2011-06-06 22:55:42 utc juris so that means they wont have an entry in history?
2011-06-06 22:56:36 utc jmettraux it means the reply of the remaining branches to the gone concurrence won't make it in the history
2011-06-06 22:57:11 utc juris what we're seeing is that the reply of the task that causes the exit from the concurrence block does happen. it's just that
2011-06-06 22:57:26 utc jmettraux that's the right behaviour
2011-06-06 22:57:29 utc juris it does not seem like there is a history entry for it.
2011-06-06 22:57:45 utc jmettraux ah
2011-06-06 23:00:24 utc jmettraux juris: which concurrence implementation are you using ?
2011-06-06 23:03:50 utc juris not sure what you mean.
2011-06-06 23:04:09 utc juris we're using ruote 2.1.11
2011-06-06 23:05:04 utc jmettraux ah sorry, my fault, I wanted to ask : which history implementation are you using ?
2011-06-06 23:08:06 utc jmettraux juris: OK, if you have more details, place them there
2011-06-06 23:10:36 utc juris sorry - don't know waht you mean "which history implementation" ...
2011-06-06 23:10:48 utc juris do you mean, something like: Ruote::StorageHistory
2011-06-06 23:12:25 utc jmettraux ah, yes, thanks
2011-06-06 23:17:30 utc jmettraux I'll investigate the issue with a test case later in the day
2011-06-06 23:18:11 utc juris cool. tnx man.
2011-06-06 23:18:35 utc jmettraux juris: btw, how many workers and which storage implementation are you using, and which Ruby ?
2011-06-06 23:19:42 utc juris we're using ruby 1.9
2011-06-06 23:20:06 utc jmettraux 1.9.2p180 ?
2011-06-06 23:20:42 utc juris crap sorry: 1.8.7-p174
2011-06-06 23:20:45 utc juris not 1.9
2011-06-06 23:21:28 utc juris not sure about number of workers
2011-06-06 23:22:13 utc juris but here's how the concurrence block is defined:
2011-06-06 23:23:41 utc juris
2011-06-06 23:24:04 utc jmettraux if you could attach that to the issue, that'd be great
2011-06-06 23:24:39 utc jmettraux :count=> 2 is overkill, there are only two branches
2011-06-06 23:25:27 utc jmettraux the cursor around the publisher is overkill, there is only the publisher
2011-06-06 23:27:06 utc juris k. updated the issue
2011-06-06 23:28:57 utc jmettraux great, thanks !
2011-06-06 23:29:55 utc juris tnx for looking into it...
2011-06-06 23:40:31 utc jmettraux I hope the test case will help the conversation