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2011-05-05 03:35:25 utc sandbox hello again
2011-05-05 03:36:41 utc jmettraux sandbox: hello
2011-05-05 03:38:16 utc sandbox what happens when a dispatched message is put?
2011-05-05 03:38:47 utc sandbox as far as i can tell it just persists that the participant is done
2011-05-05 03:38:49 utc jmettraux not much, some history loggers just write an entry
2011-05-05 03:39:06 utc jmettraux "the participant seems to have received its workitem"
2011-05-05 03:39:52 utc jmettraux you could entirely discard such messages at put time if you need to speed things up
2011-05-05 03:40:44 utc sandbox it seemed that way
2011-05-05 03:42:37 utc jmettraux just double checked, the participant expression cares as well :
2011-05-05 03:43:03 utc jmettraux so that you can ask the expression later on if it thinks the workitem reached the [real] participant
2011-05-05 03:44:12 utc sandbox cool
2011-05-05 03:44:51 utc sandbox have you seen
2011-05-05 03:45:01 utc sandbox we use resque to handle messages and schedules
2011-05-05 03:45:23 utc jmettraux yes, it looks very nice, would you like me to point to it from the ruote website ?
2011-05-05 03:45:45 utc sandbox that's up to you
2011-05-05 03:45:51 utc sandbox i don't really want to have to support
2011-05-05 03:46:01 utc sandbox it fully right now
2011-05-05 03:46:02 utc jmettraux ah ok
2011-05-05 03:46:12 utc sandbox if there are bugs that we don't see in our use of it
2011-05-05 03:46:23 utc sandbox but it passes the spec suite
2011-05-05 03:47:03 utc sandbox although it might be nice if bugs are found
2011-05-05 03:47:08 utc sandbox so i'm conflicted about that
2011-05-05 03:48:57 utc jmettraux well, I won't link to it then, for the rest, let's see how it goes
2011-05-05 03:50:10 utc jmettraux it's very nice anyway
2011-05-05 18:17:29 utc lbt this was unexpected
2011-05-05 18:21:58 utc lbt after a little while I realised that ruote now doesn't pull in a backend and my code was previously useless
2011-05-05 18:22:06 utc lbt but now crashes :)