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2011-04-27 06:24:00 utc jmettraux tosch_le: hello !
2011-04-27 06:26:46 utc tosch_le hello back! hope you're doing fine? how is the new job?
2011-04-27 06:27:09 utc jmettraux it's great, liking it a lot
2011-04-27 06:27:50 utc tosch_le :-)
2011-04-27 06:30:04 utc jmettraux was in Singapore for the reddotruby conference, it was great
2011-04-27 06:31:06 utc tosch_le time for another :-) ;-)
2011-04-27 06:31:25 utc jmettraux are you going to euroko this year ?
2011-04-27 06:32:23 utc tosch_le no, too fat chances i become father the second time during that time
2011-04-27 06:32:48 utc jmettraux aah
2011-04-27 06:34:04 utc tosch_le i'd loved to go (at least, it's in berlin, only one hour's train ride away), but no, that wouldn't be a good idea
2011-04-27 09:21:51 utc usicow I'm using rufus-scheduler in a rails app and I've successfully got it to start a cron schedule when the app gets fired up for the first time. What I would like to do now is list all jobs that are running. I can see to do this I've got to use scheduler.cron_jobs but I dont have access to the scheduler object anymore. Does anyone know how to get around this?
2011-04-27 09:22:17 utc usicow Perhaps rufus-scheduler has a static method which can return any jobs which were started in any scheduler?
2011-04-27 09:22:51 utc tosch_le usicow: welcome!
2011-04-27 09:23:00 utc tosch_le let me have a look at the rdoc
2011-04-27 09:25:05 utc tosch_le no, rufus-scheduler doesn't have such a static method as far as i can see
2011-04-27 09:25:45 utc tosch_le but if there is no reference to the scheduler instance anywhere, isn't it likely it'll be garbage-collected?
2011-04-27 09:26:07 utc tosch_le in other words: you should make sure to have access to the scheduler instance you created
2011-04-27 09:27:17 utc tosch_le (you could use a class variable together with cattr_reader, for example)
2011-04-27 09:27:30 utc usicow well Im not sure it would be garbage collected because the jobs are running within it, so somehow it shouldnt be a candidate for garbage collection.. but yes, you're right, it must be up to me to expose the scheduler object I created for use in other parts of the code.
2011-04-27 11:21:08 utc jmettraux tosch_le: thanks for helping usicow, fun that he lost his scheduler
2011-04-27 11:33:45 utc tosch_le :-)