ruote tmp/log_2011-03-25.html

2011-03-25 07:13:42 utc sandbox hello again
2011-03-25 07:13:49 utc jmettraux sandbox: hello
2011-03-25 07:14:08 utc sandbox are fields that are created within a subprocess now local to the subprocess in ruote?
2011-03-25 07:14:54 utc jmettraux no, they should be passed to the calling process when the workitem gets "back"
2011-03-25 07:15:45 utc sandbox okay
2011-03-25 07:17:20 utc sandbox thanks that is what i expected
2011-03-25 07:17:29 utc sandbox i think i just made an error somewhere
2011-03-25 07:18:55 utc jmettraux ok
2011-03-25 07:22:53 utc sandbox yeah it's definitely something i did