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2011-03-23 10:57:23 utc sandbox` hello jmettraux
2011-03-23 10:59:25 utc sandbox` i've been trying to switch to ruote 2.2 and i've noticed a difference in the way it processes participants with an :if argument
2011-03-23 10:59:40 utc sandbox` or at least fields in the if argument
2011-03-23 11:02:53 utc sandbox`
2011-03-23 11:03:02 utc sandbox` that's a gist for the difference i'm seeing
2011-03-23 11:05:53 utc sandbox` is that difference expected and what's the way to get around it?
2011-03-23 11:08:57 utc jmettraux hello, looking
2011-03-23 11:10:19 utc jmettraux sandbox`: it's expected, I've had to clean up the conditionals (:if :unless) code
2011-03-23 11:10:28 utc jmettraux what behaviour are you trying to have ?
2011-03-23 11:11:36 utc sandbox` just testing whether the field has a value
2011-03-23 11:14:42 utc jmettraux :if => '${nada} is set'
2011-03-23 11:15:55 utc jmettraux ah wait
2011-03-23 11:16:14 utc jmettraux let me double-check your gist
2011-03-23 11:16:35 utc jmettraux sorry, lack of focus here
2011-03-23 11:16:45 utc jmettraux ACTION fires up espresso
2011-03-23 11:25:42 utc sandbox` i also get the same error with the "${nada} is set"
2011-03-23 11:25:55 utc sandbox` or same thing rather than error
2011-03-23 11:28:24 utc jmettraux yes, seen that, same error here
2011-03-23 11:28:25 utc jmettraux thanks
2011-03-23 11:28:53 utc jmettraux let me fix that. I guess you're close to your day's end
2011-03-23 11:30:01 utc sandbox` or day's start =)
2011-03-23 11:30:16 utc sandbox` i'm probably going to sleep soon
2011-03-23 11:32:35 utc jmettraux good catch, I'm amazed it didn't fall on me earlier
2011-03-23 11:39:51 utc jmettraux I'd rather say : excellent catch, I'm scared it didn't fall on me earlier
2011-03-23 13:08:07 utc jmettraux sandbox`: fix is at