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2011-02-23 13:33:25 utc dirklectisch @jmettraux Time difference is making it difficult to meet on IRC. I'll just keep trying :-)
2011-02-23 14:39:27 utc tosch_le dirklectisch: you could post to the ml, too.
2011-02-23 14:40:09 utc dirklectisch Hi. Tosch. Yes I might do that.
2011-02-23 14:40:59 utc dirklectisch We are trying to discuss possible expansions to the Quaderno form framework.
2011-02-23 14:41:38 utc tosch_le i see, that's easier in irc
2011-02-23 14:42:14 utc dirklectisch I have a local ruby hack day coming up this week. Since I'm bringing a buddy who only knows javascript I thought it might good idea to hack away at that.
2011-02-23 14:44:44 utc dirklectisch Any ideas are welcome so maybe you have a suggestion?
2011-02-23 14:45:45 utc dirklectisch John suggested a proper test suite, but I'm not sure if I can get the hack day people excited about that :-)
2011-02-23 14:51:54 utc tosch_le sounds great, anyway