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2011-01-21 00:15:42 utc belucid jmettraux, blocking at the storage participant followed by the receive() for the mechanical turk worked like a charm btw, so thanks!
2011-01-21 00:15:50 utc jmettraux oh nice !
2011-01-21 00:16:05 utc jmettraux you're welcome
2011-01-21 08:20:00 utc jmettraux tosch_le: hello and thanks for helping Gonzalo out
2011-01-21 08:20:30 utc tosch_le hello jmettraux!
2011-01-21 08:20:45 utc tosch_le hope it'll really help
2011-01-21 08:21:14 utc jmettraux it should :-)
2011-01-21 08:21:25 utc jmettraux btw, new menu for
2011-01-21 08:21:37 utc jmettraux work in progress
2011-01-21 08:22:42 utc tosch_le great work!
2011-01-21 08:23:11 utc jmettraux still so many blanks to fill
2011-01-21 12:00:24 utc gonzalo_ hi, i'm having a weird issue with ruote-amqp and rabbitmq
2011-01-21 12:01:09 utc gonzalo_ when i start ruote-kit, and amqp conection is established but fails with the following error:
2011-01-21 12:01:20 utc gonzalo_ There is already an instance called ruote with options
2011-01-21 12:01:56 utc gonzalo_ i've made sure that the vhost is new
2011-01-21 12:02:05 utc gonzalo_ no queues exists
2011-01-21 12:02:15 utc belucid you get an exception, with a stack trace?
2011-01-21 12:02:26 utc gonzalo_ yes
2011-01-21 12:02:53 utc gonzalo_
2011-01-21 12:03:37 utc gonzalo_ the problem has to be with the options I give to the queue
2011-01-21 12:04:02 utc gonzalo_ but are the default that come with ruote-aqmp
2011-01-21 12:04:15 utc belucid what version of rabbit?
2011-01-21 12:05:04 utc gonzalo_ 2.1.0
2011-01-21 12:05:33 utc belucid k
2011-01-21 12:05:59 utc belucid 2.2 is the latest... I've seen some funkiness in ruote-amqp and really old rabbit (1.7ish)
2011-01-21 12:06:08 utc belucid so... I forked ruote-amqp
2011-01-21 12:06:11 utc jmettraux hello guys
2011-01-21 12:06:14 utc belucid to address a very similar problem
2011-01-21 12:06:17 utc gonzalo_ i john
2011-01-21 12:06:23 utc jmettraux gonzalo : you should use my version of ruote-amqp
2011-01-21 12:06:29 utc belucid to be more rigorous about declaring queue types
2011-01-21 12:06:30 utc jmettraux not the one of Kenneth
2011-01-21 12:06:38 utc belucid it's a fork of John's
2011-01-21 12:06:43 utc jmettraux :-)
2011-01-21 12:06:49 utc belucid definitely don't use Kenneth's
2011-01-21 12:06:51 utc gonzalo_ yes I use your ruote-aqmp
2011-01-21 12:06:53 utc belucid it's no longer mantained
2011-01-21 12:07:08 utc gonzalo_ and the thing is that this used to work
2011-01-21 12:07:18 utc gonzalo_ now I'm back with the project and fails
2011-01-21 12:07:28 utc gonzalo_ just a sec, be back in a moment
2011-01-21 12:07:38 utc jmettraux belucid: I've seen your fork, I was wondering what issue it was addressing (my fork's specs being in the green)
2011-01-21 12:08:19 utc belucid feel free to try mine: and if it works for you John and I will collaborate to figure out what needs to make it into his, his is the gold standard fork at this point
2011-01-21 12:09:28 utc belucid the unsubscribe call before the connect to the queue... I don't see why it's necessary and it causes issues
2011-01-21 12:10:14 utc belucid and... tried to be more consistent about durable messages and queues, as it both seems like what you'd always desire with ruote, and because I was seeing issues just like gonzalo_
2011-01-21 12:10:33 utc belucid well... not just like, but similar
2011-01-21 12:11:20 utc jmettraux I will try your fork and merge it if the specs are green
2011-01-21 12:11:33 utc jmettraux too bad you didn't "document" your issues with specs
2011-01-21 12:14:07 utc belucid yeah, yeah... I hear you :-) I will if you want. You can wait to try the fork until I do.
2011-01-21 12:14:29 utc jmettraux lost knowledge
2011-01-21 12:21:44 utc gonzalo_ i'm back
2011-01-21 12:22:23 utc gonzalo_ the thing is that I have a working set up with ruote-kit and ruote-amqp
2011-01-21 12:22:44 utc gonzalo_ and know some weeks later I came back and faced this weird error
2011-01-21 12:23:58 utc gonzalo_ i've deleted the vhost
2011-01-21 12:24:10 utc gonzalo_ created the user
2011-01-21 12:24:14 utc gonzalo_ permissions
2011-01-21 12:27:01 utc jmettraux belucid is the most knowledgeable about amqp here
2011-01-21 12:27:28 utc belucid when you do a list queues, it's empty?
2011-01-21 12:27:32 utc belucid no queues?
2011-01-21 12:28:07 utc gonzalo__ the only queue i have is ruote
2011-01-21 12:28:17 utc gonzalo__ the one that creates the amqp-ruote receiver
2011-01-21 12:28:26 utc jmettraux and there error message is that it already exists ?
2011-01-21 12:28:59 utc gonzalo__ yes, it says it exists with params different than the one used by ruote-aqmp receiver
2011-01-21 12:29:30 utc belucid are you using rabbit for anything else? if not, you might just want to blow away your mnesia store and start from empty
2011-01-21 12:29:42 utc gonzalo__ yeah!
2011-01-21 12:29:52 utc belucid probably: sudo rm -r /var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia
2011-01-21 12:29:58 utc gonzalo__ I think that something must be wrong with the storage
2011-01-21 12:30:04 utc gonzalo__ i'll try it
2011-01-21 12:30:11 utc belucid k
2011-01-21 12:30:14 utc gonzalo__ thanks for the tip
2011-01-21 12:30:39 utc gonzalo__ got to go now, I'll let you know if that worked
2011-01-21 12:30:45 utc gonzalo__ :P many thanks
2011-01-21 12:31:16 utc jmettraux belucid: yes, many thanks
2011-01-21 12:31:45 utc belucid :-) thanks are premature... might not work :-)
2011-01-21 12:36:27 utc belucid is Kenneth still around by the way?
2011-01-21 12:36:31 utc belucid do you know him?
2011-01-21 12:36:48 utc belucid any chance we can get him to delete his ruote-amqp repo?
2011-01-21 12:37:11 utc belucid I think it probably trips up a lot of first time ruote users (it did me) and they don't all end up here for help
2011-01-21 12:38:40 utc jmettraux Kenneth is still around, but very busy
2011-01-21 12:38:55 utc jmettraux I will ask him to delete or redirect
2011-01-21 12:42:39 utc jmettraux just mailed him
2011-01-21 12:42:49 utc belucid awesome
2011-01-21 12:43:14 utc jmettraux there is also a third variant, I already have commit rights to his repo, I could drop mine and work on his. Will see what he says
2011-01-21 12:46:41 utc wayneeseguin jmettraux: Excellent, it's a date then !!! We can use google docs to collaborate :)
2011-01-21 12:47:04 utc jmettraux wayneeseguin: or a git repo
2011-01-21 12:47:19 utc wayneeseguin Works for me :)
2011-01-21 12:47:23 utc jmettraux :)
2011-01-21 12:47:55 utc jmettraux wayneeseguin: beginning of next week I'll invite to a repo
2011-01-21 12:49:12 utc jmettraux wayneeseguin: in fact I have started prototype/working
2011-01-21 12:49:58 utc belucid watcha guys working on?
2011-01-21 12:50:36 utc jmettraux wayne invited me to do a guest post at his place
2011-01-21 12:52:30 utc belucid cool, what's his place?
2011-01-21 12:52:42 utc belucid (or just tell me to mind my damn business)
2011-01-21 12:53:10 utc jmettraux no worries, looking for link
2011-01-21 12:54:17 utc jmettraux belucid: Wayne's last post :
2011-01-21 12:54:52 utc jmettraux Wayne is Mister RVM, he words at Scotla^H^H^H^H Engine Yard
2011-01-21 12:55:02 utc jmettraux works
2011-01-21 12:55:08 utc belucid lol
2011-01-21 12:55:30 utc belucid RVM is the bee's knees
2011-01-21 12:55:41 utc belucid I salute you!
2011-01-21 13:00:57 utc jmettraux belucid: Wayne's is seriously multitasking. He's usually reachable at #rvm, if you don't mention his handle in your message, he won't see it
2011-01-21 13:01:34 utc belucid k, if he's that busy he doesn't need my silliness.... good luck with the post
2011-01-21 13:01:39 utc belucid on ruote I assume?
2011-01-21 13:01:44 utc jmettraux yes
2011-01-21 13:01:47 utc belucid nice
2011-01-21 13:01:51 utc belucid looking forward to it
2011-01-21 13:01:54 utc jmettraux no worries, Wayne is super nice
2011-01-21 13:05:56 utc wayneeseguin ::blush::
2011-01-21 13:06:30 utc wayneeseguin belucid: Very glad that you enjoy RVM :)
2011-01-21 13:06:45 utc tosch_le wayneeseguin: no need to blush, jmettraux is just right :-)
2011-01-21 13:06:50 utc belucid enjoy is too soft a word
2011-01-21 13:06:58 utc belucid it's all that and a bag of chips
2011-01-21 13:07:02 utc tosch_le +1
2011-01-21 13:07:40 utc tosch_le just installed rvm on our new production server and it works like a charm together with passenger 3
2011-01-21 13:07:47 utc kschiess rvm ist just this life-saver, you know ;) +1
2011-01-21 13:07:48 utc jmettraux :-)
2011-01-21 13:11:58 utc gonzalo_ i'm not sure
2011-01-21 13:12:09 utc gonzalo_ but the problem may be related with amqp gem
2011-01-21 13:12:52 utc gonzalo_ i delete the mnesia store and didn't work
2011-01-21 13:13:14 utc jmettraux gonzalo_: which version of the amqp gem ?
2011-01-21 13:13:18 utc gonzalo_ then i remembered that I used rvm with a special set of gem
2011-01-21 13:13:27 utc gonzalo_ then I check amqp versions
2011-01-21 13:13:45 utc gonzalo_ the amqp gem version that worked fine is 0.6.7
2011-01-21 13:14:13 utc gonzalo_ the one that crashes with the error i posted before is version 0.7.0
2011-01-21 13:15:01 utc gonzalo_ now the queue is created with no problems
2011-01-21 13:15:19 utc jmettraux I work with ampq 0.6.7
2011-01-21 13:15:19 utc gonzalo_ maybe it has something to do with some default values used within amqp gem
2011-01-21 13:15:40 utc jmettraux well, let's say I "develop"
2011-01-21 13:15:44 utc gonzalo_ yes, i faced this problem cause I did a bundle install
2011-01-21 13:15:46 utc wayneeseguin belucid: As long as it gives you a huge NERDON, mission accomplished ;)
2011-01-21 13:16:21 utc gonzalo_ then my amqp gem got updated and the problem showed up
2011-01-21 13:16:45 utc jmettraux wayneeseguin: look at my latest ci script : it combines bundler and rvm, muchas gracias !
2011-01-21 13:16:46 utc gonzalo_ so I'll stick with version 0.6.7 then
2011-01-21 13:17:06 utc jmettraux gonzalo_: I guess I'll have to try to move on to 0.7.0
2011-01-21 13:17:26 utc belucid then mission accomplished wayneeseguin
2011-01-21 13:17:36 utc gonzalo_ well, now hora de comer
2011-01-21 13:17:41 utc gonzalo_ thanks for all the help
2011-01-21 13:17:50 utc gonzalo_ be back in a while
2011-01-21 13:17:54 utc jmettraux gonzalo_: buon provechio ?
2011-01-21 13:17:54 utc gonzalo_ :P
2011-01-21 13:18:02 utc gonzalo_ buen provecho
2011-01-21 13:18:27 utc gonzalo_ thanks john :P
2011-01-21 13:18:30 utc gonzalo_ bye
2011-01-21 13:18:35 utc belucid gonzalo_
2011-01-21 13:18:38 utc belucid wait 1 sec
2011-01-21 13:18:45 utc belucid let me see what AMQP I'm using
2011-01-21 13:18:57 utc belucid I'm using 0.7
2011-01-21 13:19:04 utc jmettraux great :-)
2011-01-21 13:19:07 utc belucid so that could explain the difference
2011-01-21 13:19:12 utc belucid John and I are seeing
2011-01-21 13:19:17 utc jmettraux that explains it all
2011-01-21 13:19:21 utc belucid so... if you want to stay with 0.7
2011-01-21 13:19:23 utc belucid try my fork
2011-01-21 13:19:35 utc gonzalo_ ah
2011-01-21 13:19:36 utc gonzalo_ ok
2011-01-21 13:19:37 utc jmettraux belucid: I will try your fork with 0.6.7
2011-01-21 13:19:38 utc gonzalo_ cool
2011-01-21 13:19:42 utc belucid cool
2011-01-21 13:20:05 utc gonzalo_ well, I check out your fork
2011-01-21 13:20:24 utc gonzalo_ many thanks to both :P
2011-01-21 13:20:26 utc belucid try this in your Gemfile:
2011-01-21 13:20:48 utc belucid gem 'ruote-amqp', :git => '',
2011-01-21 13:21:00 utc gonzalo_ thanks belucid
2011-01-21 13:21:06 utc belucid np, good luck
2011-01-21 13:21:12 utc gonzalo_ :)
2011-01-21 13:23:52 utc jmettraux belucid/ruote-amqp and rabbit 2.2.0 say "already subscribed to queue" for both 0.6.7 and 0.7.0
2011-01-21 13:24:25 utc wayneeseguin jmettraux: awesome! (ci script)
2011-01-21 13:24:47 utc jmettraux wayneeseguin: it dumps to
2011-01-21 13:25:14 utc belucid hmm... where does it happen?
2011-01-21 13:26:59 utc jmettraux belucid:
2011-01-21 13:27:16 utc jmettraux I guess I should reset somehow
2011-01-21 13:28:16 utc wayneeseguin jmettraux: that is very exciting to me
2011-01-21 13:28:21 utc wayneeseguin very clean also
2011-01-21 13:28:42 utc belucid so
2011-01-21 13:28:57 utc belucid I'm guessing that's why that unsubscribe was in there
2011-01-21 13:28:57 utc jmettraux wayneeseguin: thanks to RVM + Bundler
2011-01-21 13:29:01 utc belucid my fork takes that out
2011-01-21 13:29:08 utc jmettraux belucid: right !
2011-01-21 13:29:27 utc belucid it seems maybe the unsubscribe helps the tests pass... but doesn't help in the "real world"? possibly?
2011-01-21 13:29:46 utc belucid let's put that back in, and see
2011-01-21 13:31:32 utc jmettraux ok, trying
2011-01-21 13:35:00 utc jmettraux MQ.queue(@queue, :durable => true).unsubscribe
2011-01-21 13:35:05 utc jmettraux fixes the spec
2011-01-21 13:35:25 utc jmettraux I guess we have to find a way to differentiate spec/prod
2011-01-21 13:36:07 utc jmettraux opts[:unsubscribe] would be sufficient
2011-01-21 13:37:20 utc jmettraux belucid: Kenneth proposed me to use his repo
2011-01-21 13:37:26 utc jmettraux so I will nuke mine
2011-01-21 13:38:17 utc jmettraux your fork + amqp 0.6.7 + unsubscribe works just fine
2011-01-21 13:44:03 utc belucid k... so... the burden is back on me then as to why we shouldn't actually have the unsubscribe
2011-01-21 13:44:18 utc belucid I need to create a test for the scenario I was seeing where it was causing an issue
2011-01-21 13:44:40 utc jmettraux belucid: meanwhile let me merge your work and my work and push to Kenneth's repo
2011-01-21 13:44:46 utc belucid k
2011-01-21 13:45:27 utc belucid I'm thinking we can keep it, I believe I removed it when trying to get another developer's machine to work and it turned out he was running a very old version of rabbit
2011-01-21 13:45:42 utc belucid I will look into it though
2011-01-21 13:46:09 utc belucid seems like AMQP/Rabbit shouldn't gripe about a "resubscribe" if you ask me
2011-01-21 13:46:22 utc belucid but... no one is asking me :-)
2011-01-21 13:46:25 utc wayneeseguin btw jmettraux how is Kenneth? I haven't talked with him in a long time :/
2011-01-21 13:47:00 utc jmettraux wayneeseguin: he's fine, just too busy with the day job. He'll be speaking at RubyFuza, their first African Ruby Conf
2011-01-21 13:47:12 utc wayneeseguin Very cool :)
2011-01-21 13:47:42 utc jmettraux speaking... If his voice can cover the vuvuzela ;-)
2011-01-21 14:10:01 utc wayneeseguin heh
2011-01-21 14:11:50 utc kschiess Is there a verbose logger that is less verbose than TestLogger? I find the output very hard to read.
2011-01-21 14:12:26 utc jmettraux kschiess: even if it's in color and indentend ?
2011-01-21 14:12:33 utc jmettraux indented
2011-01-21 14:12:51 utc kschiess yup, too much noise for me...
2011-01-21 14:13:21 utc jmettraux sorry, I guess you'll have to write your own
2011-01-21 14:13:24 utc kschiess (or is my terminal simply not big enough? Are my fonts to big?)
2011-01-21 14:13:55 utc kschiess tnx
2011-01-21 14:14:03 utc jmettraux I work with two terminals 80x45 side by side when not on the big screen
2011-01-21 14:14:09 utc jmettraux else it's like 80x75
2011-01-21 14:14:58 utc jmettraux belucid: and the doc is pointing back to it as well
2011-01-21 14:15:02 utc kschiess I'll write one ;) Its helping a bit, but its still no cigar.
2011-01-21 14:15:20 utc jmettraux much welcome !
2011-01-21 14:15:53 utc jmettraux belucid: there's one change : receiver(engine, opts) instead of receiver(engine, queue, opts)
2011-01-21 14:16:21 utc jmettraux belucid:
2011-01-21 14:25:21 utc belucid ok, looks good
2011-01-21 14:25:34 utc belucid I'll switch back over to kenneth's
2011-01-21 14:25:38 utc jmettraux works with 0.6.7 and 0.7.0
2011-01-21 14:25:43 utc belucid nice
2011-01-21 14:41:24 utc jmettraux kschiess: at some point, if you're still using ruote, would you authorize me to reference your org in ?
2011-01-21 14:41:55 utc jmettraux I'd love to have a CH pointer in there
2011-01-21 14:42:20 utc kschiess Go ahead and do that. We're not using it in production yet, but bad things would need to happen for us not to.
2011-01-21 14:45:40 utc jmettraux uses ruote for shuffling data around ?
2011-01-21 14:47:46 utc kschiess Its the IT services of the Geographic Institute of the University of Z├╝rich, Switzerland, so erm .. its not about geography at all ;)
2011-01-21 14:48:06 utc kschiess It's about storage servers, accounts, the usual provisioning and account management stuff.
2011-01-21 14:48:08 utc jmettraux OK, understood
2011-01-21 14:48:23 utc kschiess If you want to, I'll write a white paper when we go into production.
2011-01-21 14:48:57 utc jmettraux if you have the time, that'd be great
2011-01-21 14:49:48 utc kschiess Once we go into production (another few months to go) I'll have the time
2011-01-21 14:50:07 utc kschiess I'll be able to tell the story using the same white paper.
2011-01-21 14:50:25 utc kschiess I might even be speaking about it during a conference... once I pull this off ;) but back to work ;)
2011-01-21 14:52:37 utc jmettraux kschiess: pushed : please tell me if I need to modify anything
2011-01-21 14:53:22 utc jmettraux white paper, conference, ... very nice ! Do a talk about Parslet ! ;-)
2011-01-21 14:53:49 utc kschiess grin.. its barely a thousand lines ;)
2011-01-21 14:54:05 utc kschiess re: users.html: if the 'of the' repetition doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother me.
2011-01-21 15:00:23 utc jmettraux kschiess: OK, worked that around, it was heavy indeed
2011-01-21 15:00:46 utc kschiess its perfect.
2011-01-21 15:00:59 utc jmettraux Parslet, short and worth a talk
2011-01-21 15:01:38 utc kschiess probably. And .. embedded in a theory on which every geek has an opinion
2011-01-21 15:01:47 utc kschiess religious wars have been started over less
2011-01-21 15:01:58 utc jmettraux ah true
2011-01-21 15:02:16 utc jmettraux Merci vielmal for the link !
2011-01-21 15:06:20 utc kschiess np, hope that helps!
2011-01-21 15:10:58 utc jmettraux going to bed, nice week-end to you all !
2011-01-21 15:11:10 utc kschiess pareil ;)
2011-01-21 22:57:46 utc sandbox hi i have a question about a problem i'm having with ruote
2011-01-21 22:59:21 utc sandbox i'm getting an "initial persist" error when running ruote processes when using dm storage, and I'm having trouble finding why this is occuring
2011-01-21 23:00:08 utc sandbox any guidance would be really appreciated! thanks