ruote log_2010-12-21

2010-12-21 06:21:04 utc brook hello, mettraux, are you online?
2010-12-21 06:24:14 utc jmettraux brook: yes, I'm here
2010-12-21 06:24:18 utc jmettraux hello
2010-12-21 06:29:11 utc brook hi, just figure out a question by myself, thus no trouble now.
2010-12-21 06:29:20 utc jmettraux great
2010-12-21 07:08:38 utc brook with history service, I can get all the history log. I want to embed history in ruote-kit. But what is the best way to present history´╝č maybe group by wfid? and how to get all the wfids in history?
2010-12-21 07:08:56 utc jmettraux it depends
2010-12-21 07:09:41 utc jmettraux
2010-12-21 07:10:09 utc brook huh, I want to see how many processes were execuated and how long did each process get handled by each participant.
2010-12-21 07:10:43 utc jmettraux brook:
2010-12-21 07:10:50 utc jmettraux read it all
2010-12-21 07:11:50 utc jmettraux brook: quick question, are you one of the Nokia python guys ?
2010-12-21 07:11:51 utc brook L53-57, is the code to get log by a wfid. but how to list all the WFIDs?
2010-12-21 07:12:09 utc brook yes, you're right.
2010-12-21 07:12:33 utc brook I read the thread completely.
2010-12-21 07:13:28 utc jmettraux brook: OK, I will add a method for listing all the wfids
2010-12-21 07:14:49 utc brook thanks. mettraux, please help me clear some concepts. just tell me if I have a right understanding.
2010-12-21 07:15:06 utc brook each process is identified by a wfid?
2010-12-21 07:15:37 utc brook each participant is identified by participant_name?
2010-12-21 07:15:51 utc jmettraux yes
2010-12-21 07:15:51 utc jmettraux no
2010-12-21 07:16:12 utc brook for 2 how?
2010-12-21 07:16:19 utc jmettraux participants are registered under a regular expression
2010-12-21 07:16:34 utc jmettraux engine.register "alpha", Ruote::NullParticipant
2010-12-21 07:16:48 utc jmettraux will register a NullParticipant under /^alpha$/
2010-12-21 07:17:05 utc jmettraux engine.register /^user-/, StorageParticipant ...
2010-12-21 07:17:52 utc jmettraux so, it depends
2010-12-21 07:18:10 utc brook okay, make sense. but in history log, participant_name should be the criteria.
2010-12-21 07:18:14 utc brook ?
2010-12-21 07:18:20 utc jmettraux yes
2010-12-21 07:18:22 utc jmettraux it is
2010-12-21 07:21:14 utc brook, I got a history example here, the log seems confusing. how to know a log entry is for a participant or a process?
2010-12-21 07:24:13 utc jmettraux you have to look at the "action" field
2010-12-21 07:24:43 utc jmettraux "dispatched" means the workitem was emitted toward a participant
2010-12-21 07:24:56 utc jmettraux "received" means a workitem was received from a participant
2010-12-21 07:29:01 utc brook "action": "apply",
2010-12-21 07:29:02 utc brook "action": "dispatch",
2010-12-21 07:29:02 utc brook "action": "dispatched",
2010-12-21 07:29:02 utc brook "action": "launch",
2010-12-21 07:29:02 utc brook "action": "participant_registered",
2010-12-21 07:29:02 utc brook "action": "receive",
2010-12-21 07:29:02 utc brook "action": "reply",
2010-12-21 07:29:03 utc brook "action": "terminated",
2010-12-21 07:29:03 utc brook I have these currently. Is there any document describe these?
2010-12-21 07:29:22 utc jmettraux no, they are self-descriptive
2010-12-21 07:30:09 utc jmettraux a good technique for you would be to extend StorageHistory and override the notify method so that only actions that interest you are logged
2010-12-21 07:30:11 utc jmettraux
2010-12-21 07:32:00 utc jmettraux brook: quick note : if there is nobody replying here, you can post your questions to
2010-12-21 07:32:39 utc brook okay, thanks, I'm there, copper hill is my other name.
2010-12-21 07:32:50 utc jmettraux ah OK, great