ruote log_2010-12-15

2010-12-16 00:03:54 utc InformatiQ hello
2010-12-16 00:04:05 utc InformatiQ If i have a ruote instance
2010-12-16 00:04:14 utc InformatiQ i launched a process
2010-12-16 00:04:25 utc InformatiQ i made a mistake and it won't finish
2010-12-16 00:04:39 utc InformatiQ how do i stop it?
2010-12-16 00:07:36 utc jmettraux hello, welcome to #ruote
2010-12-16 00:07:44 utc jmettraux do you have the wfid of the instance ?
2010-12-16 00:07:50 utc jmettraux wfid = engine.launch(pdef)
2010-12-16 00:08:03 utc jmettraux if you have it you can do engine.cancel(wfid)
2010-12-16 00:08:47 utc jmettraux engine.cancel_process(wfid)
2010-12-16 00:08:50 utc InformatiQ jmettraux: the problem i am not a "ruote" user but rather a "boss" user
2010-12-16 00:09:13 utc InformatiQ so i am not sure where do i run that
2010-12-16 00:09:17 utc jmettraux sorry, then could you please ask lbt (David Greaves)
2010-12-16 00:09:30 utc brain_in_vat just turn the machine off and then on again
2010-12-16 00:09:35 utc brain_in_vat (sorry)
2010-12-16 00:09:36 utc jmettraux lol
2010-12-16 00:09:37 utc InformatiQ jmettraux: yeah i thought i might ask here sinse he is sleeping
2010-12-16 00:09:51 utc InformatiQ by the way I am ramez hanna from nokia
2010-12-16 00:10:05 utc jmettraux Nice to meet you Ramez, I'm John
2010-12-16 00:10:18 utc jmettraux and this is Nicholas
2010-12-16 00:10:48 utc jmettraux InformatiQ: what does you system look like ? Web interface ?
2010-12-16 00:10:55 utc InformatiQ I am the team lead for david and others
2010-12-16 00:11:08 utc InformatiQ jmettraux: no web
2010-12-16 00:11:26 utc InformatiQ jmettraux: are you asking about my current problem or in general
2010-12-16 00:11:44 utc jmettraux about your current problem, trying to help you as best as I can
2010-12-16 00:11:46 utc brain_in_vat hi InformatiQ
2010-12-16 00:11:57 utc InformatiQ hi brain_in_vat
2010-12-16 00:12:38 utc InformatiQ jmettraux: i launch processes using python
2010-12-16 00:12:55 utc InformatiQ have several participants to do the work
2010-12-16 00:13:10 utc InformatiQ brain_in_vat: would it really work if i reboot?
2010-12-16 00:13:19 utc InformatiQ or maybe kill ruote and restart it
2010-12-16 00:13:38 utc jmettraux then, in the same class that you use for the launch, there is probably a cancel or cancel_process method
2010-12-16 00:13:46 utc brain_in_vat InformatiQ: I don't know, but I was joking
2010-12-16 00:14:19 utc jmettraux killing and restarting ruote : the workflow instance would restart as soon as ruote is restarted
2010-12-16 00:14:28 utc InformatiQ jmettraux: that sounds sensible, i'll see
2010-12-16 00:15:22 utc jmettraux InformatiQ: I always forget : what's the link to the BOSS source code ?
2010-12-16 00:17:08 utc InformatiQ and docs at
2010-12-16 00:17:49 utc InformatiQ oh cance is not yet implemented in the libs i am using
2010-12-16 00:18:47 utc InformatiQ gotta talk to lbt about that as he implemeted it AFAIK
2010-12-16 00:24:00 utc InformatiQ well ruote must store all those processes on disk
2010-12-16 00:26:08 utc InformatiQ at the moment this is my test env. so i can destroy anything
2010-12-16 00:27:47 utc jmettraux ah ues
2010-12-16 00:27:50 utc jmettraux yes
2010-12-16 00:28:19 utc InformatiQ now grepping for parts of that process
2010-12-16 00:28:25 utc InformatiQ i beleive that could help
2010-12-16 00:28:58 utc jmettraux you can nuke a process manually by destroyed all the files that have its wfid in their names
2010-12-16 00:29:05 utc jmettraux destroying
2010-12-16 00:29:28 utc InformatiQ good to know that
2010-12-16 00:29:41 utc jmettraux find work -name "*20101216-bipemupushi*" | xargs rm
2010-12-16 00:29:52 utc InformatiQ i'm a sadistic sys admin who likes to nuke systems
2010-12-16 00:30:27 utc jmettraux given a "work" ruote work directory, this command would do it for a wfid of 20101216-bipemupushi
2010-12-16 00:33:00 utc InformatiQ that seemed to work good
2010-12-16 00:33:34 utc jmettraux :-)
2010-12-16 00:34:42 utc InformatiQ jmettraux: thanks
2010-12-16 00:34:48 utc jmettraux you're welcome
2010-12-16 00:34:55 utc InformatiQ that was driving crazy sinse 3 hours ago
2010-12-16 00:35:35 utc InformatiQ i run a process and i get a totally different behaviour that i had wrote earlier but expected it to have ended
2010-12-16 00:39:46 utc jmettraux InformatiQ: another way of doing some looking/tinkering, if you have ruby and the right rubygems :
2010-12-16 00:41:20 utc jmettraux and this one cancels the process instance whose wfid is given as first argument of the command line :
2010-12-16 00:42:20 utc jmettraux these two scripts are just "consoles", the first one just behaves like a "ps" and the second is merely a "kill -9 wfid"
2010-12-16 00:42:52 utc jmettraux the second one just passes the order to cancel, it assumes there is a ruote worker active that will do the cancelling work
2010-12-16 00:43:32 utc InformatiQ this is very helpfull jmettraux i'm trying it now
2010-12-16 00:43:47 utc InformatiQ cause i beleive i have hundreds of those stale ones
2010-12-16 00:45:10 utc jmettraux if you want to start fresh, you can stop ruote, nuke its work directory and restart ruote