ruote log_2010-11-26

2010-11-26 10:10:44 utc gonzalo hi all, i have a problem executing ruby code within a process definition
2010-11-26 10:10:58 utc gonzalo is it possible to do something like this:
2010-11-26 10:11:45 utc gonzalo i would expect the workitem variable num to create an interator and print 3 times "hello" but it isn't working...
2010-11-26 10:12:36 utc tosch_le you can't use ruby code that way in process definitions
2010-11-26 10:14:08 utc tosch_le only expressions are allowed
2010-11-26 10:14:10 utc tosch_le
2010-11-26 10:14:26 utc gonzalo ok, i just thought i could mix some ruby code in
2010-11-26 10:14:55 utc gonzalo i will mode this stuff to a participant
2010-11-26 10:14:58 utc gonzalo move
2010-11-26 10:15:05 utc tosch_le no, it would get evaluated when creating the definition
2010-11-26 10:15:06 utc gonzalo thanks for the info
2010-11-26 10:15:38 utc tosch_le maybe the iterator expression is helpful:
2010-11-26 10:15:50 utc gonzalo umm i'll give it a look
2010-11-26 10:15:54 utc gonzalo thanks for the tip
2010-11-26 10:17:16 utc tosch_le never mind, you're welcome
2010-11-26 10:17:27 utc gonzalo cool!! it might help, many thanks tosch_le
2010-11-26 10:17:28 utc gonzalo :P
2010-11-26 10:41:49 utc gonzalo umm it seems that :times attribute (iterator exp) doesn't work with a variable from the workitem...
2010-11-26 10:43:35 utc gonzalo never mind, it works perfectly
2010-11-26 10:43:53 utc tosch_le ok
2010-11-26 10:43:55 utc tosch_le :-)
2010-11-26 10:43:59 utc gonzalo it accepts :times => '${f:times}" perfectly
2010-11-26 10:45:08 utc tosch_le note: if the sequence doesn't matter, may be an alternative, too
2010-11-26 10:45:33 utc tosch_le (the sequence of execution of the three branches)