ruote log_2010-11-16

2010-11-16 12:00:02 utc gonzalo_ hi, i've been searching ruote google user group but didn't find a solution for my question
2010-11-16 12:00:33 utc gonzalo_ i would like to access a process variable from a "stateless" participant
2010-11-16 12:01:02 utc gonzalo_ the consume method only accepts parameter workitem, not fei
2010-11-16 12:01:41 utc gonzalo_ i can get the fei from the workitem item, but from there i don't know how to get the set of variable for the current process
2010-11-16 12:09:30 utc rebo hi
2010-11-16 12:09:52 utc rebo do you mean when you call...
2010-11-16 12:10:17 utc rebo RuoteKit.engine.launch( self.process_definition , :object_type => :email)
2010-11-16 12:10:24 utc rebo the object_type variable ?
2010-11-16 12:10:31 utc rebo for instance
2010-11-16 12:11:57 utc gonzalo_ not exactly, i have a LocalParticipant and in the consume() method I want to access a process variable
2010-11-16 12:12:28 utc rebo sure but (im a bit of a noob at ruote) just trying to understand what you mean by process variable?
2010-11-16 12:12:31 utc gonzalo_ I don't even know if this is possible
2010-11-16 12:12:59 utc rebo do you mean a variable you set when replying to a previous work item
2010-11-16 12:13:00 utc rebo ?
2010-11-16 12:13:07 utc gonzalo_ well, there is a way to keep variables within a process (not in the workitem)
2010-11-16 12:13:15 utc gonzalo_ they are set with expression set
2010-11-16 12:13:21 utc rebo ah right
2010-11-16 12:13:54 utc gonzalo_ got a go now but be right back in 10 min ok?
2010-11-16 12:14:08 utc rebo sure, ill have a dig around
2010-11-16 12:28:30 utc rebo ok so i have not checked this but my reading of the docs is that by design participants are not sent the process variables. Therefore if you have a LocalParticipant that has access to the ruote runtime you might be able to access the process variables by..
2010-11-16 12:29:03 utc rebo engine.process(wfid).variables
2010-11-16 12:33:15 utc rebo Ruote:Engine#process(wfid) returns a Ruote::ProcessStatus, which has a method #variables
2010-11-16 12:33:24 utc rebo
2010-11-16 12:35:13 utc gonzalo_ hi, it look pretty interesting
2010-11-16 12:35:36 utc gonzalo_ thanks so much, i'll try it right now and see if it works
2010-11-16 12:35:36 utc rebo i think it should work, seems fairly straightforward from the documentaiton
2010-11-16 12:35:41 utc rebo ok man
2010-11-16 22:26:11 utc hassox hey guys
2010-11-16 22:26:25 utc hassox is it possible to set the repository for the dataampper storage?
2010-11-16 23:49:43 utc jmettraux hassox: hello, yes you can set the repo, opts)
2010-11-16 23:49:53 utc jmettraux in that case, the default repository
2010-11-16 23:49:56 utc hassox is that pointing at the :default
2010-11-16 23:49:57 utc hassox kk
2010-11-16 23:50:04 utc jmettraux opts is a hash of options
2010-11-16 23:50:33 utc hassox so... change :default to :my_repo, or use opts[:repository] ?
2010-11-16 23:50:46 utc jmettraux change :default to :my_repo
2010-11-16 23:51:31 utc hassox cools :D
2010-11-16 23:51:32 utc hassox thanx
2010-11-16 23:51:41 utc hassox ACTION is putting in a simple flow at work :D
2010-11-16 23:51:44 utc jmettraux you're welcome, how was RailsCamp ?
2010-11-16 23:57:54 utc hassox it was really good :D
2010-11-16 23:58:06 utc hassox i was very unsocial though :(
2010-11-16 23:58:23 utc jmettraux no alcool ?
2010-11-16 23:58:30 utc hassox got a _lot_ done on gabbertalk thoguh :D
2010-11-17 00:00:00 utc jmettraux oh nice :-)
2010-11-17 00:00:49 utc hassox it's pretty much a full re-write to allow live chat to be placed on any site (and shared across sites)
2010-11-17 00:00:54 utc hassox or comments
2010-11-17 00:01:08 utc hassox so jmettraux what are the options used for?
2010-11-17 00:01:33 utc hassox I'm not seeing them being used anywhere in
2010-11-17 00:01:37 utc hassox
2010-11-17 00:03:23 utc jmettraux mostly it's a hash where you pass custom implementations of ruote services like in
2010-11-17 00:04:02 utc jmettraux
2010-11-17 00:04:39 utc jmettraux and also 'engine' options :
2010-11-17 00:05:09 utc jmettraux which are for now limited to :remote_definition_allowed and :ruby_eval_allowed