ruote log_2010-10-13

2010-10-13 08:41:43 utc jmettraux lbt, gonzalo: I'm preparing a release of ruote-amqp 2.1.11, anything that I should be aware, that I should fix before that ?
2010-10-13 08:42:26 utc lbt I'll take a look
2010-10-13 08:42:45 utc jmettraux hello (btw)
2010-10-13 08:43:06 utc lbt (hi!) we just found a bug that causes a failure in the AMQP code after 66000 processes
2010-10-13 08:43:09 utc gonzalo hi john, i think the only issue we found is with event-machine and jruby
2010-10-13 08:43:22 utc jmettraux gonzalo: hello, ah thanks
2010-10-13 08:43:34 utc gonzalo no prob
2010-10-13 08:43:38 utc lbt I *think* it's a problem in MQ not closing channels...
2010-10-13 08:43:40 utc jmettraux lbt: hello, is that in the AMQP gem itself ?
2010-10-13 08:43:55 utc lbt suspect so... so it shouldn't mattee
2010-10-13 08:43:57 utc lbt r
2010-10-13 08:45:15 utc jmettraux ouch, their issue list is quite long
2010-10-13 08:45:26 utc lbt yes... and idle
2010-10-13 08:46:43 utc jmettraux :-(
2010-10-13 08:47:27 utc lbt and whilst I realise my MQ patch was actually silly... I never heard back from the maintainer
2010-10-13 08:47:45 utc jmettraux too bad
2010-10-13 08:48:03 utc jmettraux he's quite accessible via IRC though
2010-10-13 08:48:09 utc jmettraux tmm1 in #eventmachine
2010-10-13 08:48:42 utc lbt OK
2010-10-13 08:49:25 utc jmettraux maybe you'll have to resort to your own gem
2010-10-13 08:49:48 utc jmettraux if you have some documentation about your issue, I'm sure kennethkalmer would love to see it
2010-10-13 08:50:46 utc jmettraux if it's in ruote / ruote-amqp... let's fix it !
2010-10-13 08:51:35 utc lbt I agree
2010-10-13 08:53:48 utc lbt this is my only patch
2010-10-13 08:54:09 utc lbt that url includes the ...register
2010-10-13 08:54:18 utc jmettraux ouch
2010-10-13 08:54:32 utc lbt I know...
2010-10-13 08:54:47 utc lbt I'm happy to carry it
2010-10-13 08:55:22 utc jmettraux let me think about it
2010-10-13 08:55:50 utc jmettraux let me re-think about it rather
2010-10-13 08:56:09 utc jmettraux thanks for the link
2010-10-13 08:56:15 utc lbt I kinda think we need a way for the remote participant to communicate with the engine....
2010-10-13 08:56:33 utc jmettraux via the receiver ?
2010-10-13 08:56:45 utc lbt yes.... but it may be nice to release 2.1.11 without rushing it
2010-10-13 08:57:24 utc jmettraux wait wait, could you please rephrase "I kinda think we need a way for the remote participant to communicate with the engine...."
2010-10-13 08:57:30 utc jmettraux is it about the register command ?
2010-10-13 08:57:37 utc lbt yes
2010-10-13 08:57:43 utc jmettraux ok
2010-10-13 08:58:44 utc jmettraux what about passing such control messages to another consumer ?
2010-10-13 08:58:57 utc jmettraux dedicated to control tasks ?
2010-10-13 08:59:11 utc lbt yes... that would be fine
2010-10-13 08:59:18 utc jmettraux whereas the vanilla ruote receiver only cares about workitem and launchitem
2010-10-13 09:00:00 utc lbt FYI.... AMQP protocol multiplexes control and data messages over a single channel
2010-10-13 09:00:11 utc jmettraux the "workflow" for you is it "I have to launch this process, but first I need to register participants" ?
2010-10-13 09:00:20 utc lbt yes
2010-10-13 09:00:37 utc jmettraux multiplex : OK, I didn't know, I was thinking about ruote data and ruote control (application level)
2010-10-13 09:00:45 utc jmettraux ok
2010-10-13 09:01:06 utc jmettraux would it make sense if I added something to register participants at the beginning of a process definition ?
2010-10-13 09:01:22 utc lbt hmmm
2010-10-13 09:01:23 utc jmettraux just for that instance ?
2010-10-13 09:01:50 utc jmettraux (thanks for your time btw)
2010-10-13 09:01:58 utc lbt I start remote participants as daemons... they register as being 'available' for work
2010-10-13 09:02:09 utc jmettraux ok
2010-10-13 09:02:22 utc jmettraux other variant
2010-10-13 09:02:28 utc lbt I will allow users to register their own...
2010-10-13 09:02:31 utc jmettraux what about a participant that registers particpants
2010-10-13 09:02:42 utc lbt That's not a bad idea
2010-10-13 09:02:48 utc lbt as it allows for validation
2010-10-13 09:03:26 utc lbt I think I did that at first but thought it was hacky... now I think I may like it
2010-10-13 09:03:50 utc lbt especially since it could deal with things like the catchall
2010-10-13 09:04:02 utc lbt and "is this user allowed to register"
2010-10-13 09:04:22 utc lbt but a 'trivial' use-case/process is "just register it"
2010-10-13 09:05:49 utc lbt bbiab
2010-10-13 09:16:00 utc jmettraux lbt: I have to move to another place, I'll be back soon, I'd like to give a try at this ParticipantManager[Participant] Prime Minister ? ttyl
2010-10-13 09:39:14 utc rebo hey can anyone help with RuoteKit here? using the middleware in rails suppresses errors traces in the browser
2010-10-13 09:52:49 utc rebo ok i figured it out by setting RuoteKit::Application::set(:show_exceptions,true) in ruote_kit.rb
2010-10-13 09:53:04 utc rebo but would be nice to see the rails trace rather than the sinatra trace
2010-10-13 09:55:04 utc jmettraux rebo: welcome to #ruote
2010-10-13 09:55:15 utc rebo hey jmettraux
2010-10-13 10:07:56 utc jmettraux lbt: (answer anytime) I'm doing the notebook work on the pm thing,
2010-10-13 10:08:06 utc jmettraux so in your case, participants will register themselves
2010-10-13 10:08:32 utc jmettraux what about the case when such a participant dies ?
2010-10-13 10:10:57 utc jmettraux I know the pm thing itself hasn't to care about it, but I was wondering
2010-10-13 10:44:41 utc jmettraux erlang-ish, the agent that did the registration does the supervision, and unregisters if needed
2010-10-13 13:28:28 utc jmettraux lbt:
2010-10-13 13:42:24 utc tosch_le_ rebo: sorry for answering so late. could please open an issue at ?
2010-10-13 13:42:48 utc tosch_le_ have no time at the moment to see into that but will do later
2010-10-13 13:42:49 utc rebo hey tosch_le, no problem. Sure ill do that
2010-10-13 13:46:19 utc rebo done
2010-10-13 13:46:33 utc tosch_le_ thanks!
2010-10-13 13:47:33 utc jmettraux :-) tosch_le, you'll be on it ?
2010-10-13 13:48:14 utc tosch_le_ i'll try my best
2010-10-13 13:48:17 utc tosch_le_ ;-)
2010-10-13 13:48:22 utc jmettraux great
2010-10-13 13:48:23 utc rebo btw Ruote is pretty cool, but definitely hard to figure out!
2010-10-13 13:49:58 utc jmettraux rebo: thanks, if you spot points to improve in the docs, please help
2010-10-13 13:51:14 utc rebo I think the docs are kind of okay, but your missing some newby tutorials
2010-10-13 13:51:26 utc rebo maybe when i've got this rails app working ill write something up
2010-10-13 13:51:34 utc jmettraux true
2010-10-13 13:52:23 utc rebo
2010-10-13 13:52:49 utc rebo that example is pretty good, in that it shows how to use ruote in real situation
2010-10-13 13:53:34 utc jmettraux real situation == rails ?
2010-10-13 13:53:35 utc rebo though its rails 2.3 i think
2010-10-13 13:53:39 utc rebo no
2010-10-13 13:53:54 utc rebo i mean from my perspective im using rails
2010-10-13 13:54:02 utc jmettraux ok
2010-10-13 13:54:10 utc rebo but i mean the stuff in the docs is fairly abstract
2010-10-13 13:54:50 utc jmettraux yes, it assumes people know what a workflow engine is
2010-10-13 13:54:53 utc rebo yeah
2010-10-13 13:55:08 utc jmettraux else they wouldn't search for one in the first place
2010-10-13 13:55:17 utc jmettraux but anyway people get "lost"
2010-10-13 13:55:22 utc rebo i think a lot of people who could make use of ruote dont really know about workflow engines
2010-10-13 13:55:32 utc jmettraux true
2010-10-13 13:55:33 utc rebo i mean i didnt till 2 days ago
2010-10-13 13:55:37 utc rebo :D
2010-10-13 13:55:52 utc rebo and its definitely useful for me
2010-10-13 13:55:57 utc jmettraux lol
2010-10-13 13:56:02 utc jmettraux great
2010-10-13 13:56:20 utc jmettraux OK, points taken
2010-10-13 13:57:36 utc rebo i think a lot of people are using statemachines where they should be using workflows
2010-10-13 13:58:20 utc jmettraux +1
2010-10-13 14:20:13 utc jmettraux I should try to replicate that tutorial but with ruote
2010-10-13 14:25:03 utc jmettraux lbt: I'll continue implementing this registerp thing tomorrow (especially the grabbing participant info from a workitem instead of from the process definition)
2010-10-13 14:25:21 utc jmettraux if you have any questions / remarks / suggestions, please fire them on the mailing list