ruote log_2010-10-05

2010-10-05 13:45:09 utc gonzalo_ hi
2010-10-05 13:46:11 utc gonzalo_ got a question about using amqp receivers in ruote
2010-10-05 13:47:38 utc gonzalo_ as far as i know, a amqp participant is meant for publishing and a receiver is meant as a subscriber
2010-10-05 13:48:00 utc gonzalo_ participant may be registered with the engine but... receivers?
2010-10-05 13:48:57 utc gonzalo_ may I start a workflow that simply waits for a message to arrive to a specific queue and then resume to the engine (reply)
2010-10-05 13:48:59 utc gonzalo_ ?
2010-10-05 14:52:16 utc jmettraux gonzalo_: hello, yes
2010-10-05 14:52:47 utc gonzalo_ hi john
2010-10-05 14:52:58 utc gonzalo_ nice to talk to you again
2010-10-05 14:53:38 utc gonzalo_ so then it is possible to set a receiver to sit and wait for a message in a specific amqp queue right?
2010-10-05 14:55:09 utc jmettraux nice indeed
2010-10-05 14:55:16 utc jmettraux you're talking about starting a workflow
2010-10-05 14:55:32 utc jmettraux start a workflow which invokes a participant that does the waiting
2010-10-05 14:55:42 utc gonzalo_ yes
2010-10-05 14:55:48 utc jmettraux when the reply from the participant comes, the flow resumes
2010-10-05 14:57:41 utc gonzalo_ i may start a workflow manually and the second participant should be a participant that waits for a message to go into a specific queue
2010-10-05 14:57:57 utc gonzalo_ don't know if that is accomplished by amqp receiver
2010-10-05 14:59:08 utc gonzalo_ right now i'm able to send async messeges to queues, but i would like a process to lock until it receives a message in a given queue
2010-10-05 15:00:33 utc gonzalo_ but... receivers can't be registered... so I don't know how could I write a workflow in which I can specify this logic
2010-10-05 15:00:35 utc gonzalo_ :S
2010-10-05 15:04:14 utc jmettraux receivers don't need to be formally released
2010-10-05 15:04:24 utc jmettraux they need to know two things : the queue and the engine
2010-10-05 15:04:47 utc jmettraux when a workitem comes, or a launchitem comes, they fetch it on the queue and pass it back to the engine
2010-10-05 15:05:14 utc gonzalo_ ok no problem, i know it is pretty late in japan.... i will put my doubt in the list
2010-10-05 15:05:16 utc gonzalo_ :)
2010-10-05 15:05:25 utc gonzalo_ many thanks john!
2010-10-05 15:05:41 utc jmettraux wl =, queue)
2010-10-05 15:05:59 utc jmettraux ACTION answering anyway since I found the answers
2010-10-05 15:06:30 utc gonzalo_ i'll give a look to WorkitemListener
2010-10-05 15:06:32 utc gonzalo_ :)
2010-10-05 15:06:48 utc gonzalo_ guess that is what i'm looking for
2010-10-05 15:06:58 utc gonzalo_ thanks for the tips
2010-10-05 15:07:07 utc jmettraux you're welcome
2010-10-05 15:07:17 utc jmettraux look at
2010-10-05 15:07:27 utc gonzalo_ perfect
2010-10-05 15:07:41 utc gonzalo_ many many thanks, i 'll play with it right now
2010-10-05 15:07:53 utc jmettraux documentation improvement suggestions are welcome
2010-10-05 15:07:58 utc jmettraux I'm new to ruote-amqp as well
2010-10-05 15:08:17 utc gonzalo_ ruote-amqp is so interesting
2010-10-05 15:08:23 utc gonzalo_ many thanks for the help
2010-10-05 15:08:30 utc gonzalo_ have a good night and sleep
2010-10-05 15:08:41 utc jmettraux :-)
2010-10-05 15:08:56 utc jmettraux enjoy ! Thanks for the feedback, it helps tremendously
2010-10-05 15:09:06 utc gonzalo_ no prob