ruote log_2010-09-14

2010-09-14 07:56:39 utc jmettraux tosch_le: hello, I'm sorry I've had no time for ruote proper these days, had to focus on my javascript form library and proprietary projects
2010-09-14 07:57:08 utc tosch_le never mind, i saw you was working on quaderno at github
2010-09-14 07:57:47 utc jmettraux yes, new version
2010-09-14 07:58:17 utc tosch_le didn't have time for rk either, stuck at php and coding facebook and twitter integrations for some saas project of us
2010-09-14 07:58:25 utc jmettraux ouch
2010-09-14 08:06:18 utc tosch_le on quaderno: do you know there are some issues with chromium?
2010-09-14 08:06:54 utc jmettraux no clue ? never tried, I have to make it work for IE8 though
2010-09-14 08:07:24 utc tosch_le can't change tabs or add customers to your sample form
2010-09-14 08:08:30 utc jmettraux ah, fails on Safari as well
2010-09-14 08:08:33 utc jmettraux thanks !
2010-09-14 08:09:46 utc tosch_le never mind that. had to switch to a less memory hungry browser than firefox on my office machine…
2010-09-14 08:10:12 utc jmettraux grr, and Safari isn't giving me any proper error message
2010-09-14 08:10:41 utc tosch_le chromium is silent, too
2010-09-14 08:11:22 utc jmettraux :(
2010-09-14 08:16:30 utc jmettraux ah found, webkit understands "onClick" but not "onclick"
2010-09-14 08:17:27 utc tosch_le subtle difference…