ruote log_2010-09-06

2010-09-06 03:20:19 utc dhf When a process fails with an error, is it still sitting where it can be recovered? Along the same lines if it is not recovered, it just takes up space? If so, is there a way to remove them?
2010-09-06 03:22:29 utc jmettraux good evening
2010-09-06 03:23:03 utc jmettraux error = engine.process(wfid).errors.first
2010-09-06 03:23:44 utc jmettraux engine.replay_at_error(error)
2010-09-06 03:23:51 utc jmettraux engine.cancel_process(wfid)
2010-09-06 03:23:54 utc jmettraux
2010-09-06 03:24:31 utc jmettraux yes, it just takes up storage space
2010-09-06 03:48:37 utc jmettraux you're welcome
2010-09-06 03:57:02 utc dhf sorry. Had to step away to answer door. Thank you for the information.
2010-09-06 03:58:22 utc dhf I work from home and doctor friend was bring me some samples for the project
2010-09-06 04:08:48 utc jmettraux no worries
2010-09-06 04:13:47 utc dhf got almost all the main processes and participants done. they are all automated no human intervention.Have many processes stored in a profile table that are automatically started when that profile is required. The next step is the human intervention part and after I read your docs, I am sure I will have some questions. Are there any good examples of processes that have human participants using a rails interface?
2010-09-06 04:15:08 utc jmettraux well sorry, I have some proprietary ones
2010-09-06 04:15:52 utc jmettraux but it all boils down to re-opening Ruote::Workitem in app/models/workitem.rb
2010-09-06 04:16:08 utc jmettraux and building a app/controllers/workitems_controller.rb
2010-09-06 04:24:32 utc dhf the webserver is a different machine than the main system. ON the same machine, Use the wfie to get to the workitem?
2010-09-06 04:25:36 utc dhf the work that the user needs to do builds up overnight and then in the morning they will log in to the webserver to see their work queue and preocess each one.
2010-09-06 04:25:54 utc jmettraux it should be OK
2010-09-06 04:26:11 utc jmettraux engine =
2010-09-06 04:26:37 utc jmettraux as long as the engine in the rails app shares the same storage as the engine in the "main system"
2010-09-06 04:26:52 utc dhf I am currently use the file storage. what is best for remote machines. I currently heavily use beanstalk in the main system, not as part of the workflow
2010-09-06 04:27:49 utc dhf plus I use DataMapper as the ORM . currently there is no web portion at all
2010-09-06 04:27:58 utc dhf so I am free to use what is pest
2010-09-06 04:28:56 utc jmettraux you could use ruote-dm then, it requires only one table
2010-09-06 04:33:29 utc dhf I will try that. Right no the automated participants are taking the workitem doing their thing and adding/deleting things from the workitem returning quickly. When it is going to pend waiting on the user, I should be using the storage_participant, correct?
2010-09-06 04:35:39 utc jmettraux yes
2010-09-06 04:40:06 utc dhf I will try it. The original design before using Ruote was to put the work to be done as entries in a DB table. But my understanding of Ruote is that pending workitems stored with the storage_participant are as safe as an entry in the DB. (if I use ruote-dm, it is the same). There can be no loss of work to be done.
2010-09-06 04:40:42 utc jmettraux yes
2010-09-06 04:41:10 utc jmettraux well, if you cancel a process, its workitems will get removed from the db
2010-09-06 04:41:26 utc dhf of course same as deleting it from the DB
2010-09-06 04:41:42 utc jmettraux exaclty
2010-09-06 04:41:47 utc jmettraux exactly
2010-09-06 04:43:02 utc dhf thank you. Some day when done I really would like to show you what it does. DO you do consult work outside of your current position?
2010-09-06 04:43:43 utc jmettraux oh cool, it's always a pleasure to learn from what others do
2010-09-06 04:44:33 utc jmettraux I do a bit of consulting, but my back isn't strong enough to do it 100%
2010-09-06 04:46:29 utc dhf I probably would like to hire you later to review version on of the system and give pointers for improvement.
2010-09-06 04:46:38 utc dhf version one
2010-09-06 04:48:46 utc jmettraux oh cool
2010-09-06 07:44:18 utc jmettraux tosch_le:
2010-09-06 07:45:14 utc jmettraux (Siemens' @bovensiepen)
2010-09-06 07:46:30 utc tosch_le unfortunately, all i see is a lot of japanese and a black area where a video should to be seen, i suppose
2010-09-06 07:46:39 utc jmettraux yes
2010-09-06 07:46:44 utc jmettraux maybe too far :-(
2010-09-06 07:47:31 utc tosch_le but i've found
2010-09-06 07:48:00 utc jmettraux exactly that talk
2010-09-06 08:52:20 utc jmettraux the storage implementations look OK, there seems to be an issue with pagination and couch
2010-09-06 08:52:32 utc jmettraux visible via ruote-kit
2010-09-06 08:52:52 utc jmettraux I'm also working on
2010-09-06 08:53:02 utc jmettraux waiting for some feeback by Nathan
2010-09-06 08:53:10 utc jmettraux hoping to be able to release soon
2010-09-06 08:53:32 utc tosch_le i've seen that discussion and like the ideas
2010-09-06 08:54:06 utc jmettraux yes, I'm glad he took the time to come back with a better explanation so that I could understand
2010-09-06 08:57:09 utc jmettraux ruote-beanstalk has some weaknesses
2010-09-06 08:57:26 utc jmettraux maybe you could help me with ruote-kit and pagination
2010-09-06 08:57:47 utc jmettraux it lacks polish
2010-09-06 08:58:00 utc tosch_le i'll have a look this afternoon
2010-09-06 08:58:05 utc jmettraux wonderful !
2010-09-06 08:58:31 utc tosch_le what do you mean with polish? ;-)
2010-09-06 08:59:04 utc jmettraux don't look east
2010-09-06 08:59:16 utc jmettraux no plumbing metaphor
2010-09-06 08:59:59 utc tosch_le lol. i mean: in which way should rk's pagination be polished?
2010-09-06 09:01:14 utc jmettraux it's weak on some corner cases iirc
2010-09-06 09:01:58 utc tosch_le are those corner cases in the specs?
2010-09-06 09:02:20 utc jmettraux 10 items / page 1 skip=0&limit=10 / page 2 skip=10&limit=1-
2010-09-06 09:02:23 utc jmettraux 10
2010-09-06 09:02:58 utc jmettraux I did my best to put them in there, but I have the impressions I don't cover them all or my logic is flawed on the corners
2010-09-06 09:04:25 utc tosch_le i'll have a look and will see what i find
2010-09-06 09:04:40 utc jmettraux thanks in advance
2010-09-06 09:05:45 utc tosch_le never you mind, it's nothing
2010-09-06 14:45:42 utc jmettraux tosch_le: thanks, merged and pushed
2010-09-06 14:48:52 utc tosch_le what problems did you exactly have with the pagination in rk? i didn't really run into errors, only problem is when negative values are forced
2010-09-06 14:58:57 utc jmettraux ah, then it should be OK
2010-09-06 14:59:19 utc jmettraux when there are 3 items and the limit is 3
2010-09-06 14:59:27 utc jmettraux things like this
2010-09-06 14:59:59 utc tosch_le ok, that's a problem
2010-09-06 15:00:16 utc tosch_le there shouldn't be a 'next' link
2010-09-06 15:00:29 utc jmettraux indeed
2010-09-06 15:00:37 utc jmettraux I have to escape now
2010-09-06 15:00:50 utc tosch_le "1 to 0 of 0 errors"
2010-09-06 15:00:54 utc tosch_le bye then
2010-09-06 15:01:02 utc tosch_le :-)
2010-09-06 15:01:14 utc jmettraux if you have the time to add that to the specs (and eventually fix)
2010-09-06 15:01:30 utc tosch_le i'll try
2010-09-06 15:01:36 utc jmettraux great :-)
2010-09-06 15:01:42 utc jmettraux have a nice evening !
2010-09-06 15:01:57 utc tosch_le you too!