ruote log_2010-08-26

2010-08-26 01:08:41 utc fixr jmettraux: buon giorno!
2010-08-26 01:08:51 utc fixr jmettraux: como andiamo?
2010-08-26 01:09:29 utc jmettraux hello
2010-08-26 01:09:34 utc jmettraux doing fine and you ?
2010-08-26 01:09:53 utc fixr sorry I couldn't test ruote-dm today as promised... it was segfaulting when I tried to run "auto_migrate!"
2010-08-26 01:10:25 utc jmettraux what was segfaulting ?
2010-08-26 01:10:49 utc fixr I contacted the DataMapper guys, but no success
2010-08-26 01:11:00 utc fixr the dm adaptater
2010-08-26 01:11:04 utc fixr adapter*
2010-08-26 01:11:58 utc fixr any chance you can give me a dump of the tables ruote-dm creates?
2010-08-26 01:13:34 utc jmettraux 1 table
2010-08-26 01:13:45 utc fixr the problema I have is when I run "Ruote::Dm::Document.auto_migrate!". "dm-do-adapter" segfaults when I try to run it
2010-08-26 01:13:52 utc jmettraux
2010-08-26 01:14:04 utc jmettraux what ruby, what version of dm, what database ?
2010-08-26 01:14:22 utc jmettraux is there an error message emitted by your database ?
2010-08-26 01:14:33 utc fixr see, I saw that code but somehow I tought "it can't be just ONE table" :)
2010-08-26 01:15:09 utc fixr ruby 1.8.6, dm 1.0 (latest gem), mysql adapter
2010-08-26 01:16:35 utc jmettraux always test/developed with 1.8.7 / 1.9.1 and postgresql
2010-08-26 01:16:44 utc fixr the stacktrace only complains here:
2010-08-26 01:16:49 utc fixr with a segfault error
2010-08-26 01:16:50 utc jmettraux mysql looked fine too (I had to adapt to it for some people)
2010-08-26 01:20:04 utc fixr it could be a windows-only thing. I'm dropping it for linux soon, but meanwhile I'm still stuck with it (it's what we use in the office, but no more...)
2010-08-26 01:20:14 utc jmettraux aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah windows !
2010-08-26 01:20:23 utc jmettraux pain pain pain pain pain pain pain
2010-08-26 01:21:23 utc fixr that's pretty much the reaction I was expecting :)
2010-08-26 01:23:30 utc fixr yeah, I had to say it with shame and all. We develop in windows, but deploy on linux, of course :)
2010-08-26 01:24:09 utc jmettraux whoah
2010-08-26 01:24:15 utc jmettraux that's crazy
2010-08-26 01:25:19 utc fixr it is. But honestly, I putting my foot down and will make everyone drop windows (but you know how it is... some devs don't feel comfortable with it)
2010-08-26 01:25:33 utc fixr with linux*
2010-08-26 01:25:57 utc jmettraux I feel a bit anxious when deploying from osx to linux, win to linux is quite the jump
2010-08-26 01:26:30 utc fixr we've survived... mostly. But it is no walk in the park
2010-08-26 01:27:03 utc fixr anyways, tomorrow I'll try creating the table manually and see how it goes
2010-08-26 01:27:18 utc jmettraux OK, good idea
2010-08-26 01:29:53 utc fixr migrated ruote and rk from 2.1.10 to 2.1.11. Quite a lot of improvements
2010-08-26 01:30:04 utc jmettraux :-)
2010-08-26 01:30:19 utc jmettraux hopefully I can release all that soon
2010-08-26 01:31:03 utc fixr seems stable to me. What's missing, testing?
2010-08-26 01:32:36 utc jmettraux have to finalize tests with ruote-dm, ruote-redis, ruote-couch (seems OK), and ruote-beanstalk
2010-08-26 01:32:52 utc jmettraux but I keep getting "side things" to do
2010-08-26 01:39:33 utc fixr a voltage drop does nasty things to your router, sorry... I disconnected
2010-08-26 01:39:54 utc fixr I was saying that hopefully I'll help you test ruote-dm. I'll let you know how it goes
2010-08-26 01:40:25 utc fixr if it runs on windows, it runs anywhere :)
2010-08-26 01:42:35 utc jmettraux sorry, doing some remote support meanwhile, ... installing windows2003 on some machine :-(
2010-08-26 01:43:05 utc fixr one question, though... being only one table (that seems to be for workitems), where are expressions and errors stored?
2010-08-26 01:43:29 utc fixr oh... sorry to hear that, I feel your pain
2010-08-26 01:43:49 utc jmettraux everything is stored in that table
2010-08-26 01:44:43 utc fixr I'm sorry, I have the (really) bad habit of not reading very carefully
2010-08-26 01:45:04 utc fixr I just noticed it says everything on the comments
2010-08-26 01:46:25 utc fixr sorry for bothering so much
2010-08-26 01:46:27 utc fixr brb
2010-08-26 01:47:24 utc jmettraux no worries
2010-08-26 14:11:36 utc jmettraux fixr: good morning
2010-08-26 14:12:45 utc fixr jmettraux: good morning my friend!
2010-08-26 14:12:55 utc jmettraux :-)
2010-08-26 14:36:12 utc fixr still no success with ruote-dm :(
2010-08-26 14:36:39 utc fixr I think the problem is with DataMappe
2010-08-26 14:37:07 utc fixr it won't get along with windows
2010-08-26 14:37:51 utc fixr I think I'm going to fallback to FsStorage in the meantime
2010-08-26 14:39:53 utc fixr I was opting for a sql solution because of ease of maintenance
2010-08-26 14:45:19 utc jmettraux too bad
2010-08-26 14:45:27 utc jmettraux you could develop on a linux box
2010-08-26 14:45:34 utc jmettraux simply SSH into it
2010-08-26 14:47:48 utc fixr I'm downloading virtualbox right now. Going the virtualization way
2010-08-26 14:51:23 utc fixr we have a dedicated local linux server for deploy testing, but I don't wanna mess with that ;)
2010-08-26 14:52:57 utc jmettraux ok
2010-08-26 15:24:21 utc jmettraux have a good day !
2010-08-27 00:25:18 utc jmettraux caryp: welcome on #ruote
2010-08-27 00:25:53 utc caryp jmettraux: thx :)